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War on Kogi people 

By JS Okutepa (SAN)
What happened in Kogi on the 16th of November 2019 in the name of election was indeed not election.
It was war.The will of the people was subverted and those who profit from the suffering and poverty ravaging the state used every apparatus of the state to maximum advantage.
The people became helpless.Maximum force was visited on the people.
The feudal lords were available to use the tax payers money to ensure that the popular will of the people did not count.
The blood of the innocent flown in the streets.The political vultures feasted on our common patrimony to subvert the will of the Kogi people.
In a country with responsible leadership those who perpetuated the atrocities against the people should by now be behind bars to answer for their crimes.
But not in Nigeria. There are no consequences for infractions of our laws. Everything is compromised and the people suffers. Indeed the absurdities of illegality in Nigeria cry to high heaven for justice.
But can we find justice in Nigeria. No you can’t find. Go to court you meet impossible road blocks. Nigerians are the mercies of the cabal and the profiteers.
Those who feast on our sweat do not think of tomorrow. There is no doubt that God sees the evils visited on the Kogi state in the name of election. The blood of democratic heros and and heroines who died exercising their rights to free our people from bondage will not be spilled in vain.
The oppression of our people will come to an end and God will intervene in a miraculous manner beyond the expectation of all mortals. Congratulations to all who did not sell their birth rights for temporal political enjoyment.
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