Friday , 28 February 2020
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The Illegal Use of the Supreme Court to manipulate the Electoral Process

When a country’s Judiciary especially the Apex Court becomes the chief executor of a grand design to usurp the role of the Independent National Electoral Commission, (INEC), then be rest assured that democracy is endangered in Nigeria.
Fact is, with series of questionable judgments and verdicts from the hallowed grounds of the Apex Court, one is beginning to ponder why Nigerians have elected to self- destruct. It does not make any meaning to queue up for votes at the elections, because the Supreme Court has now assumed the final executioner of the electoral process.

What will suit us, would be a process where instead of wasting humonguous resources conducting elections, the Supreme Court should appoint state Governors and Lawmakers to fill up the spaces. That way, it would have saved Nigerians the orgy of queueing up to vote only to be voided by mathematical miracles that beat modern scientific reality and discovery.

It hurts to see the last hope of the common man delivering such a judgment with curious figures produced from the pit of hell to confer Executive Authority on a candidate that came fourth in an election. Do these Justices truly know God? Do they wish our country well? Are they bothered by the legacies they intend to bequeath to a nation that is already burdened by graveous acts of ommision and commission? How do we locate this judgment? Does it mean the PDP candidate did not score any lawful votes from those 388 polling units? The moment I saw the series of break starting from yesterday and today, I knew something was fishy. And the verdict confirmed my fears. It is often difficult to cover up halitosis in whatever form or shape. This verdict has just exposed very succinctly that we are still in the jungle in all aspect of our national life.

A fragile nation that is hugely encumbered with several injustices, imbalances, disparities and lopsidedness deserves critical interrogation of issues to avoid skewed verdicts, like the one under reference. This verdict, no matter how eloquent the Supreme Court tried to word it, falls short of the ingredients of a verdict that is grounded in law. The Supreme Court cannot blatantly assume the role and functions of INEC by computing purported electoral scores to give victory to someone who came 4th. It is the height of legal impunity the type that is peculiar with Stalinist era of the defunct Union of Soviets Socialist Republic (USSR). This verdict offends good judgment and the electorates in Imo state who graciously gave their mandate to Rt.Hon Emeka Ihedioha. It is becoming ridiculous that judgments now flow from prophesies of supposed herbalists masquerading as spiritualists to hoodwink members of the unsuspecting public to validate what seems to be a well choreographed script. Some of us are not persuaded because we can see the loose end to this drama. God, the true God that we sincerely worship, who sees the hearts of Judges and Justices, will deliver his own Judgment some day. Scrap INEC now, and the Supreme Court should assume that role.

Lamentations of a Concerned Nigerian, and a member of PDP.

AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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