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On Saturday, January 25, 2019, the Senator representing Benue South Senatorial District, Comrade Abba Moro, inaugurated a Committee and saddled it with the responsibility of rubbing minds with other persons from the community to organize a security and economic Summit, which will draw a blueprint for the economic development and security of Benue South.
The summit, according to the Senator, is aimed at lifting the people of Benue South out of the woods.
Speaking during the event, Senator Moro tasked the committee, under the Chairmanship of Profs. Armstrong Adejo and ,Yakubu Ochefu to liaise with other serious-minded intellectuals and practical human beings in Benue South who have knowledge of what the problems of our people are, and can proffer lasting panaceas to them.
He enjoined them to work out the modalities that will bring all our people from at home and in the Diaspora to come and rub minds together and chart the way forward for the development of Benue South Senatorial District.
His speech below:
“I want to, first and foremost, sincerely thank you in your individual capacity and in the collective for making it possible for me to become the Senator representing you and I.
I appreciate the solidarity that was demonstrated during the election and litigations that followed the process. I am happy that by the grace of God we were able to surmount all the obstacles. I am prepared now to work for you and our my people and for.
In the run off to the election, I made various pronouncements, some bordering on promises that we are going to take our destinies in our hands, and that I would act and speak for the people of Benue South and lend my voice to their voices, and that we would not be left behind in the equation of things in Nigeria.
I think so far, we have taken off properly and I hope very sincerely that in line with my promise I will not disappoint you. But I think the most critical element that we didn’t have at a time was that in the excitement of politics and electioneering campaigns, politicians can say many things and if they are not put into concrete terms and implementable programmes, we may end up running round ourselves from the beginning to the end without achieving any result.
And so, I thought about it, and when I went for Idoma Day Celebration in New York, United States, I was confronted with an avalanche of requests as to what we would do even in the contemporary competitiveness of our environment in place of the Benue South people in contemporary Nigeria and the problems confronting all of us.
I had to rise up to the occasion by making further pronouncements on what we could do, and what we can do, and part if it is that we should have an economic and security Summit so that we can have some level of cross fertilization of ideas that we can put into concrete terms that you will place on me to execute for our people, in collaboration with other sons and daughters of Benue South Senatorial district.
As you can see, this has nothing to do with party or affiliation to one religion; it is broadly sons and daughters of Benue South.
Unfortunately, we have only one daughter here. You should bring on board more women. Again, with due apology, I think there was an oversight on our part that the Idoma National Forum was not officially contacted as a body. Honestly I want to apologize for the oversight for not remembering the leadership, but I think it is not late to bring them on board.
Ladies and gentlemen, on that note, I want to state that major part of the problems we face as a people is INSECURITY.
None of us is unaware of the devastating effects of the herdsmen attack on Agatu communities in recent times. And of course, Okpokwu had a fare share of it in Omusu, and some other communities in our area.
Unfortunately, as usual, for people outside the senatorial district, when it comes to talking about herdsmen attacks, they will not talk about Zone C. In fact, someone sent me a documentary on the killings in Benue State and as I looked through it, none of the pictures captured Agatu, even when Agatu was the first to come under the hammer. It was not reflected. I saw only small portion in Omusu.
Like I said, we have to take our own destinies in our own hands and faction out a design that can solve our problems.
So, I looked around and made some level of consultations and decided on you that are here, to organize this Summit by embracing all our sons and daughters, and all our ideas.
You will agree with me that there are also other qualified sons and daughters of the kingdom (Benue South) who are not here, but when it comes to making this kind of decision on who to be, it is usually a very difficult task; You won’t remember some persons until after the event, but luckily, as I said, I am blessed with very competent serious eggheads here that can think faster than me, so I ask that you bring in as many persons as possible, minding their background of organizational abilities and, of course, to be able to source for very serious-minded Intellectuals and practical human beings who have knowledge of our challenges and how to overcome those challenges.
I don’t want the usual talk show Summit where people gather to talk, make pronouncements, issue communiqué and then, nothing is done, I want a Summit that’s result-oriented. So, when you are picking people and putting your ideas down for implementation, please make it as practically implementable as possible.
Truly, we have a lot of problems, which we cannot solve at the same time, but if we solve one at a time, it won’t be long before we solve a good number of them.
A practical example; When I confronted the Minister of Works, as soon as I resumed as a Senator, on the myriads of the problem of roads in my place, I went to him and said, One of the biggest problems that we have right now as you are starting the Oweto road is the second phase of it, and the Otukpo-Oju-Iyahe axis. I informed him that vital links between our place and Kogi and the rest of them are completely dilapidated, that we needed to do something about them. He told me that they had decided not to embark on new projects but that they were determined to complete all the on-going projects. He assured me that they would deliver Oweto road.
Of course, I met with Rockbridge on the deplorable state of Otukpo township road and they also promised that they were going to start work on it as soon as possible.
So, those are the practical inhibitions that we have when it comes to desires of what can be done, but I assure you that I will continue to pursue them, especially the road from Ugboju to Onyagede to Ankpa, and then the one from Oju to Iyahe, and make sure something is done about them.
I am still talking with serious sons and daughters like Justice Eko who you can tap from. I will talk to him and Prof Ode Ojowu on how we can rub minds together and help our people. Such people, I think if you have time, you can talk to them, they can avail us their intellectual ideas that can be used in achieving our goals.
I want to sincerely inform you that I am happy we are here at this point. I want to assure you that as your Senator, I will lend my full support to any enterprise that is geared towards assisting our people to also find a place and a sense of belonging in Benue political equations.
It is against the backdrop of this teething insecurity and under developmental problems in our place that I put this Committee together to plan and organize a Summit that will draw up the design and blueprint that can help us lift our people from the woods. The Committee will work out the modalities that will bring all our people from at home and in the Diaspora to come and rub minds together and chart the way forward for the development of Benue South Senatorial District.
Thank you very much.
AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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