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PDP still leads in Bauchi

Results of the supplementary election carried out in 15 local government areas of Bauchi State indicate that the main opposition party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is having an upper hand.

As the news of the impending victory of PDP filters in with the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) trailing in most polling units, hundreds of supporters of the PDP have converged on the entrance of the INEC office chanting victory songs.
Singing in Hausa, they chanted saying Bauchi people don’t want you MA, pack and go, we want Laura, our son.
As results from the local government come in, long convoys of vehicles with heavily-armed security personnel, the PDP supporters are breaking into frenzied jubilation
The results announced in some polling units in the affected local governments are as follow:
Kagadama ward
PDP 358
APC 184

Misau LGA

Ajili Gugulin Ward
PDP 312
APC 111
Ajili Samadawa ward
PDP 142
APC 61

Bogoro LGA

Malar APU
PDP 478
APC 101
Malar B
PDP 224
APC 57

Katagum LGA

PU 009 Madara/Dunare/Kofar Jauro
PDP 82
APC 112
Chara-chara Primary sch Azare
PDP 121
APC 149

Darazo LGA

Gabarun ward
PDP 155
APC 85

Ningi LGA

Unguwar Jaki PU
PDP 240
APC 178
PDP 100
APC 75
PDP 135
APC 232
PDP 124
APC 64
PDP 194
APC 209

Itas Gadau LGA

Kofar Fada ward
PDP 261
APC 127
Rumfar Magama 003 PU
PDP 212
APC 203
Jankude  PU
PDP 46
APC 91

Jama’are LGA

Memihefta Hannafari ward
PDP 58
APC 74

Alkaleri LGA

Batak ward
PDP 202
APC 87
Jamda ward
PDP 244
APC 170

Kirfi LGA

Wuro Gumbai PU 006
PDP 113
APC 87
Bara ward
PDP 361
APC 119
11.Kirfi LGA
K/Sarkin Yakin Bara, Bara PU 006
APC = 119
PDP = 360
Kofar Sarkin Gabarin PU (karamin akwati)
APC = 119
PDP = 125
Kofar Sarkin Gabarin PU (       )

Toro LGA

Salarma pri. Sch. Ribina
PDP 247
APC 304
Zul Polling Unit
Gurungu Kofar Sarki
APC 164

Giade LGA

Zirami PU
PDP 114
APC 195
Gadaule PU
PDP 132
APC 179
Gulbun ward
PDP 197
APC 130
Faguji Ward
PDP 96
APC 127

Ganjuwa LGA

Hakatari Kariwa ward
PDP 159
APC 137

Shira LGA

Languram ward
PDP 86
APC 152

Gamawa LGA

PDP 312
APC 203
Total Votes Casts
PDP 6,289
APC 4986
Difference 1,303
Verdict: PDP Wins
Three Polling Units with Incidents of Violence/Over Voting

Tama in Toro LGA 432 Registered Voters

Madara in Katagum 333 Registered

3.Jama’are B Jabbori 524 Registered Voters
Total: 1,289

AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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