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Like Amaechi, Oshiomhole calls for revolt

Another APC leader, Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State joined the political fray as he declared that Nigerians will soon revolt if corruption was not tackled.

He regretted that despite the several cases of fraud, no meaningful conviction has been secured.

Like Amaechi, Oshiomhole ssid Nigerians would definitely take their destiny in their hands.

The Governor who was the Guest lecturer at the 2013 convocation
ceremony of Benson Idahosa University Benin City, spoke at a lecture
entitled: “ Education and National Development”.

It was during the same weekend that APC leadership called for the impeachment of President Jonathan.

Represented by the Secretary to Edo State Government, Professor
Julius Ihonvbere, Oshiomhole noted that Nigerians spend over N80
billion annually on medical tourism and treatment overseas “just as we
put our kids in foreign and African universities and this is with over N2
trillion lost to the fuel subsidy cartel, not to mention how much is lost
annually to oil thieves”.

According to him, “the list of imperfections, failures, problems and
contradictions can go on and on. The important issue today is how we
can relate these issues to the importance of education and therefore
national development. Fleetingly, about people, it is, in the first
instance, about cars, skyscrapers, money in the bank, huge
bureaucracies and those things that may be symptoms of growth rather
than development.
“Our idea of development revolves round interest and exchange rates,
import-export ratios, GNP per capita, even GDP and foreign reserves.
These may show that growth and maybe accumulation are occurring;
they do not show that development that is people-focused, people-
based and people-driven is occurring”.
He further stressed that “major companies like Unilever and Dunlop are
closing down, setting up shop in Ghana and throwing thousands of
families into unemployment, hunger and social pressures. I believe we
should just leave the issue of power for another day after we fully
understand what the GENCOS, DISCOS,and TRANCOS are doing.
“Until leadership in Nigeria changes from the arrogance of power,
perpetual infighting, accommodating corruption and impunity and
finding excuses for failure to meet popular expectations, I am afraid,
most of our educational institutions, private and public, would never
meet world standards.
“With an unstable, non-hegemonic and unreliable state, frequent policy
changes, an economy in crisis, and leaders that use power and public
funds for personal aggrandizement; the university must prepare to
engage the negative forces in a changing global order and a reforming
“When education takes citizens in the opposite direction of these values
then it becomes dangerous to societal development. Infact, an
educational system that produces election riggers, intimidators, looters
of the treasury, bad drivers, disregard for communal values, lazy public
servants, kidnappers, inefficient and ineffective workers, political
opportunists, thugs, and bad politicians that visit pain on the people
and contaminate and undermine institutions of society cannot be
regarded as positive education” he stat

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