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DSS Says APC’s Lai Mohammed Was Held For Loitering

The DSS Spokesperson has been speaking on the arrest of the APC

National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, during the governorship

election in Osun state.


Speaking on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise

Daily, Miss Ogar explained that Mr Mohammed had no business in

Osogbo, the Osun state capital, on an election day and that he was

arrested for wandering.

“As per my last account, I think Alhaji Lai Mohammed is from

Kwara State. That’s not to say he has no rights, there’s freedom of

association and all that, but we know about the time he was picked

up, it was a few minutes to 12AM in the morning.

“With all due respect and intent, was he supposed to be roaming

about the streets when he knows that security was on alert?

“He talked about being thrown into a black bus. Let me tell you

truth, you know when Nigerians find themselves in a free

environment, they talk in such a manner that you will take them as

champions, like they can wrestle the lion with their bare hands.

“When he was taken to the office, I am told, he was totally

disoriented because of fear and could not even utter a word.

“He said that they told him to enter a bus and he refused, nothing

like that actually happened and he wasn’t kept for two hours. I

think the highest he spent within our premises was 45 minutes.

“It was the Director that graciously asked the senior officer to take

him because he was just asking ‘where am I? What am I doing


“If he wasn’t physically conscious of where he was and what he

was doing, what was he doing outside?” Miss Ogar said.

Miss Ogar was reacting to an earlier Channels Television interview

with Mr Lai Mohammed, during which the APC Spokesman accused

the DSS of being biased during the Osun State governorship

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