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Disregard the Emotional Tantrums of Oshiomhole 

Barr Alex Adum wrote:
The Supreme Court having voided the election of the the APC candidate all his votes are consequentially nullified and the votes of the runner up becomes the defacto winning votes for the election. To that extent, the votes of the PDP candidate constitute the majority of lawful votes cast at the election. Thus even in local governments where the runner up scored 1vote it constitutes the majority vote(s) if other parties that participated in the election scored no votes equal or higher than his in those local governments.
In essence the PDP candidate  competes against himself and not the nullified votes of the APC candidate. His votes therefore satisfy all the requirements of section 179(2) a & b CFRN 1999. The benchmark for the calculation of majority votes and 1/4 in 2/3 of the local governments as stipulated in section 179(2) of the constitution above is set against his votes and the votes of the 2nd runner up and the other candidates in the election and not the votes of APC candidate whose election is nullified.
The APC national chairman is therefore just a braggadocious power drunk who speaks for his ilk, but does not have the powers to seat on appeal over the judgement of the Supreme Court.
Kindly disregard his emotional tantrums as Sen. Diri will be sworn-in tomorrow whether he approves of the judgement or not.
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