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$9.3million Seized by South Africa: PDP House members challenge APC members to prove that the money was not legally meant for arms

*Decry APC’s love for cheap blackmail and lies


Members of the PDP in the House of Representatives have asked their APC colleagues to present proofs before Nigerians that the money seized by the South African government was not meant for arms to fight Boko Haram, wondering why APC members love cheap blackmail and lie telling.

. APC members staged a walk out on Tuesday’s plenary in protest that the motion by Honourable Sumaila Kawu to discuss the $9.3 million controversy was killed by the PDP majority. But the matter didn’t end there. At Wednesday’s plenary, the House Rules and Business Committee chairman Sam Tsokwa under a matter of privilege protested reports in the media that PDP members were bribed to tow that line of action. Albert Sam

Tsokwa said, “They went further to allege that PDP members were given and received $50,000 to kill the motion.”The man in the eye of the storm Ali Madaki confronted by the House leadership did not make much effort to deny it. Ali Madaki said, “They called me after we left the floor to ask if I have heard that some members were given $50000? I told them no. What I heard was that members have been given $20000.

The matter was referred to the Committee on Ethics and privileges for investigation. But the PDP members are alleging cheap blackmail by the APC members. The Deputy Leader Leo Ogor told AIT that key issues surrounding the $9.3 million matter were laid bare at the executive session that preceded the APC walk out and as such they were not just justified in their actions.”

Leo Ogor, said, “Whoever that alleges must be prepared to prove and so long as he said he was told definitely it becomes important that we get to the bottom of the issue and I can assure you that as a party we are not going to take this issue lightly.”Samson Osagie, said, “The questions that we have for the federal government is it faster or safer to do an international transaction of such magnitude by ferrying cash across the continent or by simple wire transfer that can go through in a matter of seconds or hours?”According to Ogor, President Jonathan is justified in seeking an alternative solution to procuring arms for the military in the war against Boko Haram. The controversy over the inability of the House to discuss the $9.3 million issue continues. Where the PDP lawmakers bribed to throw out the motion? Is the APC allegation sheer blackmail? For now the ball is in the court of the House Ethics and Privileges committee to investigate and come out with the truth of the matter.

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