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We Stand For The Truth;

The first term of Gov. Wike, he appointed an Ogoni son Hon. Kenneth Kobani as the SSG to the Rivers State Government. He made Rt. Hon. Dum Dekor as the Commissioner for works Rivers State. He made  Hon Fred Kpakol as the Commissioner of Finance Rivers State. He made Prof. Roseline Konya as the Commissioner for Environment Rivers State. All these appointees were Ogonis. When these people were given the opportunity to serve the state no tribe complains that they were deprived in whatever ways. We were all happy and congratulating them, but we don’t know how painful it was to the other tribes that make up the state because we never knew the importance of the portfolios given to them. Our leaders misused the opportunity given to them to serve the state. These leaders were supposed to use the opportunity given to them by Governor Wike to influence  tangible and fruitful projects into Ogoniland but there is nothing to attest. Not only project, but also to attract companies to operate in Ogoniland. Why are we complaining? Can these former commissioners and SSG or their media aides point out a single project they executed in their respective areas? Is it their birth rights for them to be there? We the Ogonis did not benefit anything from their administration rather than the increment of insecurity and destruction of lives and properties orchestrated by their poor leadership style.
In conclusion, I urge everyone to disregard tribal sentiment and embrace true democracy and good governance. Chief Barr Nyesom Ezenwo Wike loves the Ogonis irrespective of his recent appointment. When he came onboard for the first tenure, he showed us intrinsic love through the juicy appointments given to the sons and daughter of Ogoni  and the demonstration of some of the important projects initiated and executed in Ogoniland. Like the construction of Saakpenwa Road to Bori, renovation of BMGS Bori etc. The blame game should go on to our leaders and not the governor for their inability to profitably utilise the opportunity they had for the betterment of their people and the development of the society.
Comr Lekia Lezorge
AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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