Friday , 3 April 2020
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I was typing your surname and the autocorrect changed Ekile to Eagle. I was wowed and almost wanted to shut the hell up from continuing with what I have to say.

Actually, I’m concerned about you and your journey from being a contestant in Project fame to winning the competition. Flavor was already in the scene and did it turn out you never won, he’d not have winked at you ever since. I think so.

So, it pleases me to tell you not to be his handkerchief or Chihuahua . Please be careful while hanging out with him or having a ‘thing’  for him. Biko.

We lost Anna Banner to him and now he kept her in a garage and is looking for another fresh, silky skinned Lady. He found You. Anna Banner was probably lost in a tiny fame plus the pleasure of a King like Flavor asking her out or maybe having his phone number and calling him anytime made her feel like the whole universe should go Gaga for she had found love-a conditional one. Lol.

To remain an Eagle, stay careful. You can ask your other female colleagues whose heads are hot how they manage to run things without making babies or how the sane and clean ones keep basking and making progress without pulling their underwears down here and there.

A concerned educator,

By ThankGod Eboh

AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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