Wednesday , 13 November 2019


They are not “Fulani herdsmen!!!!!!!!!”
••• Fulani herdsmen? Liars! It’s called the “Trojan Horse!” strategy, people! There’s something bigger than those cows on your highways and forests!
Never have we had as many cowards in the Nigerian media and “civil rights movement” as we do today!!! No more voice of influence! Gone are the Ganis, the Dele Giwas … only the federal appointment-seeking, Twitter handle warriors remain.
Cowards! The media won’t use the politically incorrect words such as “ethnic cleansing,” “mass murder” and “religious persecution” even though those are exactly the three things happening right now in Nigeria!!!!
••• And crazy self seeking “men of God” are busy telling us to speak well of Nigeria because “our words are affecting Nigeria!” Nonsense! “Woe to those who call evil good!” declares the Scripture. The foundation of God’s throne is RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE (Psalm 97.)
Life in the “Middle Belt” is almost snuffed out, there’s ZERO protection for the Middle Belt either from Nigeria, African Union or the United Nations. The poor people of the Middle Belt sleep and wake up daily in the zip codes of death by “Fulani herdsmen.”
••• The infiltration of the ancestral lands of the East is complete! Their settlements and huts litter every forest in Eastern Nigeria. It’s no different in Ogun and Ondo States. The rural lands of Edo State are soaked with their cow dung. It’s a well articulated, well funded mission!
Even my small cassava farm back home was surrounded and the crops destroyed by the AK-47 wielding “Fulani herdsmen.” Who gave these illiterates such sophisticated weapons? Who trained them to use them?
What’s more? The constitutional backing for the “Fulani herdsmen” impunity is almost through at the National Assembly. It’s called the “National Grazing Reserves and Stock Routes.” (For ‘National,’ read “Fulani!”) That would officially allocate the Fulani our ancestral lands from sokoto down to Port Harcourt… and no one, not even your ancestral spirits will stop them thereafter. Very neat! And once your land is grabbed, your existence, your identity is expired … because you can’t live in the atmosphere. You’re not a bird.
••• Right now, whether in Ogun, Abia, Ondo, Edo, Delta, Ebonyi, Enugu or Benue, if your village makes the mistake of telling the ‘Fulani herdsmen,’ “Don’t pass through our farmland, you’re destroying our crops,” or “Stop raping our women,” that’s when you’ll understand the full wrath of the Ogas at the top! Those boys know that “our own man is now in charge.”
Wake up, idiots! We’re at war – government-backed war! And this one is worse than the first! Because your legal defender is your murderer!
People, speak up!!! The hands of the clock are at 11:58!
Have you heard the word “Referendum?” May be the only light in the tunnel right now!!
~ Michael Chinweze Nwankwo

AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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