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The Unrepentant Vulture

Prior to and years after the death of Ken Saro Wiwa, we had those we termed as vultures in Ogoni. These were the people who sold out Ken Saro Wiwa to the tyrannical government of Sani Abacha. We Ogonis hated these vultures so much that we avoided relating with them. But for the sake of peace and development in Ogoni Kingdom, we embraced total reconciliation and ever since then, we stopped calling them vultures.

There was a young man among these vultures then, his name is Magnus Abe, he led some vultures to congratulate Abacha for killing Ken Saro Wiwa. He is the only vulture that has refused to change and be human for once. Through the blood of so many innocent Ogoni people, he has held several political offices.

Magnus Abe is so desperate and selfish that he can kill multitude or tell all sort of lies just to achieve his political goal. He has been fingered in several political killings in Ogoni.

The general interest of Ogonis comes second after his selfish political ambition, that is why he is not even remorseful after bringing soldiers to massacre over 30 people in Yeghe, Bori and Zaakpo, all in the name of the search for one Solomon Ndigbara, an ex militant who suddenly got tired of working for him.

We learnt he has shipped in sophisticated weapons and has hired the services of Fulani herdsmen to kill and maim anybody that would oppose his rigging mercenaries.

He said on radio that Sen. Olaka is not a true Ogoni man, but he forgot that Sen. Olaka’s scholarship scheme cut across the four LGAs making up Ogoni, he forgot that Kennedy Friday was benefiting from Sen. Olaka’s scholarship before he started doing drugs and subsequently dropped out of RSUST where he was studying law. He also forgot that Sen. Olaka has concluded plans to fly Baridam Ben to India for kyphosis surgery.

But what we know Magnus Abe for is killing, stealing and lying.

We as Ogoni people need to exterminate the last of the vultures to avert the breeding of more vultures. And we will do that by voting out Magnus Abe whenever INEC decides to conduct election in the senatorial district.

By Tyrano Tsunami

AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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