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The Strange  Politics  In Imo And How Owelle  Lost  The Soul of Imo State  !

It’s all confusion everywhere   . What started like celebrations of the conquered Imo and it’s inheritance by Owelle and his family crumbled like a pack of cards as God suddenly manifested in his glory which no man can claim  .
It started with the creation of Agburu and the labelling of a section of APC membership as not being part of a family within the party.  And they are not to partake in any thing good from the party in the state.  With the announcement of the National  Board membership,  Owelle wrote petition to the president demanding that those that got the board appointment without his consent be dropped  . Wao ! Then the retirement of all leading politicians in the party and the state  . The way Owelle went about the phantom  retirement  of leading IMO politicians will make you think that it was a state policy that must be executed  . Iwuanyanw,  Udenwa,  Ohakim,  Araraume  ,name it were all to be retired by Owelle  . One begins to wonder if this Owelle governorship is not the same one Udenwa and Ohakim did?  Everything turned upside down  . It was indeed strange politics.
Before you woke up from the confusion going on , Owelle started the endorsement  magic.  Local government chapters of the APC were induced to come to Owerri to endorse OWELLES anointed,  Ugwumba Uche Nwosu.  Nwosu was yet to declare intention to contest and yet LGA after another were being ferried to Owerri government house to endorse Uche.  Before the endorsement could die down,  Owelle started the unthinkable  , sharing all elective and non elective positions to himself and his family members  . This my son will be governor,  this one house of reps,  deputy governor,  should take Senate,  Dr Anwuka,  Chief of Staff to Ugwumba.  Professor Obiareri Senator Okigwe, myself,  Senator  Orlu zone etc etc  .  Imo people were dumbfounded.  People from across Igbo nation and indeed the whole nation were asking questions  if Imo has completely been taken over by Owelle.  Others were asking if the state is under a spell or whether men have all disappeared from the state.  Owelle was to later justify his reckless actions when he described Imolites as being myopic  . According to him , All presidents from the north come from north west.  Saraki because governor after the father served as senator,  fmr President Bush had his sons as governor and President,  Clinton made his wife senator and later presidential candidate.  Theodore Orjis son became a member of the house of Assembly after his father served as governor and so on . This was Owelles justification of Uche Nwosu governorship.  The video went viral and people were asking if IMO has degenerated to this level  ?
Then came the party national congresses.  Team Owelle players were told to wait in the dressing room as almighty Owelle was to perform his magic  . He complained to the VP that the people who came to conduct the exercise in Imo have compromised.  VP directed the party to take action  .  The officials for the congress were swapped as imo went to  Anambra while those for Anambra came to Imo.  Suddenly we started hearing of missing sensitive congress materials ,not from the party officials but the governor  .  One then would ask ,Is the GOVERNOR supposed to handle congress materials  ? All whatever happened is now history.  It has been one strange event after another.
In all these,  Imo  political elites and intelligentsia went underground strategizing how best to take back the party from Owelle and restore the party to a winning one.  It was clear that but for the timely interventions of the APC Stakeholders,  Imo people have already abandoned the APC.  Have you seen a situation whereby people decamp from a ruling party to opposition parties in a state  . Things were this bad.   Special recognition and kudos must go to the APC Stakeholders Forum who boldly and decisively moved to re take  the party from Owelle  . The progressive G16 chairmen and the fearless state chairman and his exco.  All damned Owelle and stood on the part of positive history.
Today there is jubilation everywhere in the state.  Owelle has been deflated.  The narrative has changed for good.  Confidence has returned to Imo politicians and the power of the broom has manifested  .
To Owelle,  All these were avoidable.  He was warned to stop and retrace his steps as his brand of conquered territory politics is elien to Imo.  It was a strange politics never seen before in our state  . Owelle technically played him self out of the structure of APC In the state.  .
The congresses have assumed a legal dimensions as any attempt by anybody to tamper with the out come,  would be challenged in the courts.  Nobody can touch the outcome of the congress which followed due process.
This is the story of how Owelle technically lost the soul of the APC In Imo.  And it will go down in history as the audacity of reckless politics.  Ohashierism and ofushierism.
Nze Elvis Agukwe
AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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