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The fight of corruption in Nigeria

I was initially not excited after president Buhari won the presidential election being that most Nigerians wanted Goodluck Jonathan to complete his two term tenure but I became happier when I realised that Goodluck Jonathan “men” would have bought Nigeria with it’s own money, persons like Diezani Alison Madueke,Dansuki, Stella Odua and so many others who where looting as if Nigeria is their personal heritage.
However Buhari victory as President to fight corruption will surely not be smooth or frictionless as the president surround himself with people like Tinubu the only landlord in Lagos that own more than half of Lagos state and want to become Nigeria president by either do or die. Amaechi that want to converts Rivers State government house to his personal estate but I was a little relief that president Buhari emergence is certainly a threat to Nigeria corruption couple with his inaugural speech…”I belong to every body and I belong to nobody ”
Though only Buhari himself cannot fight this deadly and dreadful cancer known as corruption in Nigeria except the judiciary and the legislative collaborate with him to make the fight a success. But Shortly did we realised that the fight against corruption is only a mere saying that even the Presidency is a shadow of itself towards corruption fight. Though I respect the president in person by making some landmark in corruption like suspending the Secretary to government of federation (SGF) Mr Babachir Lawal and appointing the timid and naive vice-president to act as investigation panel chairman,that his so sheepish and incompetent to act,is so obvious that even the blind man can tell the direction of the hands of the clock.That Babachir Lawal spent more than 200 million naira to clear iron grass in IDP camp and nothing happened to him as he remain active in making decisions in presidency today, the minister of finance Mrs Kemi Adeosun spent over 19 billion naira to furnished her office and the presidency are comfortable with it. The president himself spend billions of naira on his medical trip and leaving our hospitals dilapidated and Nigerians are happy with it.
The legislature which comprises of the upper and lower chamber at it’s own dance of shame. That the Senate president refused to resign with so much allegations of gross misconduct and falsification of asset declaration then bribed CCT to be discharge and acquitted, the Senate do not know when to act anymore because the sole aims of almost all the senators are to go the upper chamber and embezzle as we take a critical look at senator Peter Nwaboshi,Andy Uba,Mrs Tinubu and others. The lower chamber is not exception that budget padding become their major responsibility in the house.
Furthermore the judiciary have become our night mare that every judge wants to be a billionaire with the female folks being the worse.That from the lower court to the supreme court,Nigerians are beginning to loss confidence on them.Bribing and corruption almost become a norm in the judiciary system, that who then do we trust?
Finally corruption has become a norm to Nigerians and this make the country underdeveloped and making lives unbearable to the people.
I urge Nigerians to see corruption as enemy to humanity.
Let’s kill this monster call corruption, before it kills Nigeria!
I stand for true federalism
I believe Nigeria will be great again
Ernest Igugu

AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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