Thursday , 23 January 2020
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Like storms in a China shop, the deep rooted culture of impunity in the Nigeria Security Paraphernalia that have held sway like medieval emperor since the birth of the present administration succinctly epitomizes a re-enactment of the Abacha dictatorial era.
The summary dismissal of these Quantitative Aptitudes( The Police) from the consciousness of Nigerians triggered by their hard-hearted partisan approach to issues of national importance has further gifted honorary doctor of corruption award to their fast decelerating profile.
Double standard, overbearing tendencies, nepotism, bias, hate speech etc are the worst elated forms of corruption. The philia relationship(Police is your friend) that once existed between the peoples of Nigeria and the Nigerian Security Agencies chiefly the Police has been deflated and rustled like branches of a dying Oak with roots falling off and their integrity extinguished in the raging inferno of the love-gone-sour. Anger cuddled with regrets leaps out of the distressed souls of many Nigerians like knives from the sleeves of a Medieval Samurai whenever the present administration is mentioned.
The latest military semantics tagged “Operation Cat Race” introduced to build bridges of unity in the Fulani colonized states where Fulani terrorists reigns supreme is an afterthought camouflage in the mould of State-of- Emergency aimed at gagging the Chief Executives of some target non-compliant states to bring them on their knees using the military option. Governor Samuel Ortom is the principal target because of his celebrated dalliance with PDP top guns and his unmalleable posturing against the position of powers-that-be on the anti-grazing law.
As part of the scripts aimed at humiliating the governor for daring the cabal managing the President, some white elephant projects were stage managed by one of Buhari’s closest allies; Alhaji Tanko Al-Makura, the Nasarawa Governor to have the President commission them and seize the opportunity to embarrass Governor Ortom by ignoring him and his bereaved kinsmen knowing full well that Nasarawa State is a stone throw from Benue State. Some attack dogs were also unleashed to carpet the governor using the media both conventional and social platforms to dwarf whatever is remaining of his integrity before Nigerians. The behind-the-scene moves saw the Public Relations Officer of the Nigerian Police Force, Mr. Jimoh Moshood describing Governor Ortom as a drowning man on a National Television without any regard to his office.
The sudden born again restructuring apostles posturing of the government of the day is a crystal case of another deceptive change mantra. A government that had claimed that Nigeria’s problem is not structural but process in its new year broadcast but suddenly changes the goal post in the middle of the game by joining pro-restructuring group in a desperate bid to win sympathy votes during the 2019 elections as restructuring and true federalism captures the true yearning of Nigerians.
The latest campaign shift to State Police by the Federal Government is another political move to pull a fast one on gullible Nigerians ahead of 2019 elections. It is a very expensive comedy thrown up to test the waters having a powerful ulterior motive as the present government will never be comfortable decentralizing security powers as such is against the power, dominion and control tactics of the Fulani dominated security agencies.
The reinstatement of NHIS Boss, Mr. Usman Yusuf with corruption charges hanging on his neck and the claim that the recall will not affect his trial is akin to beaming light through the surface of a brushwood that light never penetrated. This is insulting to the collective intelligence of Nigerians with many competent hands and a great disservice to the anti-corruption medal received by President Buhari at the recently concluded African Union Meeting in Addis Ababa.
The open flexing of muscles like Asian Tigers between the Presidency and the National Assembly concerning the amendment of the Electoral Act, altering the sequence of the elections is taking serious tool in both the economy and the polity. The development if not properly managed, could snowball into some dangerous negative dimensions that will leave the masses at the receiving end.
Leadership is a balance between integrity and intelligence, so any attempt to compare the patience of Nigerians towards the present administration to the patience of Arsenal fans towards Arsene Wenger is criminal, mischievous, malicious, diversionary and represents the thoughts of yesterday men and women.
The set time to change the narrative is come. Let’s get it right!
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