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Propaganda laden corruption fight

Ena Ofugara wrote:

PANAMA PAPERS: So GEJ and DEziani and Okonjo Iwealla did not steal?

If you are following the news, leaders of government and industry around the world have been using Panama to hide their wealth. Some world leaders have even resigned over it. Even Putin and the UK PM are involved.

Yet Goodluck Jonathan, Deziani and Okonjo Iwealla who have been said to have stolen at least 50 billion dollars, 30 trillion naira, 20 billion dollars, made 6 billion dollars daily, sold 1 million barrels daily and kept the money etc etc, none of them thought it wise to use PANAMA, perhaps the safest haven for stolen wealth in the world. Ngozi Okonjo Iwealla must not have known of PANAMA as she is a novice on financial matters right?

Presidents that are considered honest are named. APC person is named but Goodluck Jonathan that Nigerians took shit and poured on his body is not named in the Panama papers. Dieziani that many Nigerians prayed should die for stealing their subsidy money, subsidy that Buhari said is just a fraud and nothing else, that Dieziani is not named in Panama papers. Okay na!!! Okay.

We are waiting for Buhari’s Dubai Papers to see their names as even London papers do not have Goodluck and Okonjo-Iwealla’s names and even Dieziani, one year later we are awaiting charges. So again, we await the release of Dubai papers and American Papers that Oshiomole said named past corrupt government officials.

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