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Owelles shuttle Diplomacy  Fails  !

Go back to the party and resolve your issues with your people as Presidency does not interfere in party matters.
There are rules  governing the conduct of the ward congress and they are clear.
If you are not satisfied with the process , go to the Appeal Panel  .
President Buhari is highly experienced in party matters and as an old war horse will never take a hurried decision  without cross checking.
Owelles obsession to appropriate Imo is responsible for his sorry state  . The whole world have confirmed that Owelle is not in charge in Imo State.
Imo people have overwhelmed the governor.  He has lost power because he under rated the forces against him . The combined forces of tested and matured politicians delt a devastating blow on Owelle.  The Governor forgot that this is a party matter and due process must be followed.
The VP , Tinubu and some people that believe him before have suddenly realized that Owelle is not in charge.  The wind has blown the ass of the chicken open.
Owelles shuttle Diplomacy to Daura has failed him.   The World have seen a defeated Owelle by the people’s coalition.  His strategy further exposed the fact that he can not handle Buharis campaign in the South East.  He actually does not have the sympathy of nde Imo.
Moving forward  , Owelle must come down from the high horse and act real .
The 7 man team from Abuja only came to monitor the process and not to conduct the congress.  There are 305 wards in the state.  The party appointed 3 persons who conducted the exercise in the wards.  And this exercise took place across the state.  Maybe Owelle wanted to take hold of the result sheets to prove that he is in charge.  Of course he is not in charge because he miscalculated and lost out.
The process is irreversible and the people dealing with Owelle are very smart and too much for him .
The Ugwumba project has suffered a fatal blow and may not survive the accident due to life threatening injuries.  .
Politics remains a series of concentric circles of conspiracies in which the last group that conspires emmerges victorious.
Nze Elvis Agukwe
APC Strategist and Opinion Analyst.
AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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