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On recent successes of military against Boko Haram, William Ukor wrote;

… And we forget so soon how we kept quiet as certain individuals and groups accused GEJ’s govt of high-handedness against BH and called for negotiation and amnesty for the terrorists when the army under general Ihejirika was ruthlessly dealing with the sect with no single Nigerian village lost to them. Some prominent individuals from the north even accused the military of “killing northerners” while the Borno elders demanded for the withdrawal of soldiers from their towns and villages. GEJ caved in and removed Ihejirika. A negotiation/amnesty committee went to”work” but achieved nothing as BH no doubt used that time to recruit and train more fighters. The result is what we are seeing today. Maybe we didn’t know that our voices would count so we watched in silences as some individuals and groups held a “weak and clueless” president to ransom as he tried to contain BH without “killing northerners”.
Well, he (GEJ) deserves the criticisms since he couldn’t summon the courage to ignore those “voices” and allow Ihejirika to complete the good job he was doing.

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