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Of Professors and their competencies :

By Prof David Ker
 Recently one of us Attahiru Jega raised salient issues about the role we play in our communities and how these roles tend to erode our standing in the eyes of many. About the same time a Professor was alleged to have been caught helping his daughter cheat in the just concluded UTME. Some people were particularly excited about these scenarios and went on to vent some of their long held negative views of Professors.
Now Jega is one of our best and it is only proper that he should raise issues of concern to our profession. He is wise enough to know that it is not every  Professor who suffers the kind of  fate some colleagues are notorious for.
When you are elevated to the rank the University gives you the title in a very specific field of study. A few misguided among us move from that specific field to pontificate on everything under the sun.
As you deviate you join us social media pundits who are experts in every  subject under the sun. You talk down on every one who dares to hold an opinion different from yours. You cannot afford to be humble so you go on and on.
In a recent thread a well known journalist said nasty things about Benue people. A few of us saw the remarks as stereotypical and even racist but we told by fellow social media pundits that we do not understand the uses of metaphor hence our incorrect reading of the man.
I even gave my credentials as a teacher of metaphor for the past 45 years but the young man was not impressed. What then are Professors supposed to do to avoid the anger of their former students? You count for nothing in your field and when you step out you experience more attacks.
We are not Jacks of all trades. Most of us will be happy to ply our trade unperturbed but unfortunately some of us venture out and incurr  the wrath of  our former students who are far from humble and are eager to teach us a few things.
Jega,  we are learning.
Happy  Easter dear friends.
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