Thursday , 23 January 2020
Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike (r) and Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom during the Rivers State Governor's condolence visit with Rivers Elders to Benue State on Wednesday.


By Oraye St. Franklyn
Since 2015, upon the emergence of the APC christened Government of change as  shepherded by the celebrated misanthropic and staid ex-military autarch, the unwavering descent of everything Nigeria has been ceaseless. There has been a decline in brotherhood, unprecedented rise in crime, criminality and bloodletting and most of all, a deliberate attack on Nigeria by pastoral herdsmen aimed at crippling the country as we know it.  Many Nigerians even believe that the cow colonies being projected by the APC led Federal Government is a deliberate modern-day ploy to conquer and annex territories on religious grounds. But that is a subject for another day.
Today, what remains a generally known fact is that Nigerians are a divided people. National unity has become a wishful ideal. Sectionalism, if not Northernalism, has become the order of the day as can be deduced from the composition of the Nation’s apex security council chaired by the President himself. To keen observers of the raging abnormalities, it does appear as though, the prevailing governmental agenda adorns the free-flowing baban-riga of the Fulani to the exclusion, when not in subservience, of all other ethnic stock in the country.
Such is now what defines the current national order and has become the basis of unending crises in Nigeria. One of such is the unabated attacks by herdsmen on the rest of the country, with the terrorising group running riot, calling the shots, throwing threats and, quite sadly, being endorsed by the silent conspiracy of the Federal Government worsened by the shocking corroborating rhetoric of senior members of the government. This has cumulated in a widespread perceived reluctance of the APC led Federal Government in ending the assault on Nigeria and Nigerians, perhaps, as it seems to be a calculated plot.
It has become normal for Nigerians to be killed for cow rights that violate extant laws of the land. Farms and means of survival of towns and age-long settlements within the country are now being freely attacked and their inhabitants dislodged for grazing rights in a country with laws that have failed to bite let alone grind to nothingness the belligerent molestation of humanity, liberties and the Nigerianness of Nigeria. The country under the current regime appears to have turned values and standards on their heads. Otherwise, it is difficult to justify why commiserating with a people on the killing of cows should take precedence over the murder of human beings, citizens of our country, who committed no known crimes?
This is the sort of country in which we now live and of which only a few brave citizens, muchless, political leaders dare to speak up against the offensive misnomer. Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, the Governor of Rivers State and Nigeria’s most vilified political office holder by the ruling APC is one of the few who have refused to be cowed by the brazen absurdities. His recent visit to Benue to commiserate with the people of the State over unwarranted and devilish killings by herdsmen more than anything else, has gone a long way to show that Nigeria is more important than those who hold it hostage and that if the oppressed majority unites, it can oust the minority oppressors, no matter how powerful they might be.
Nigerians are saying Governor Wike did what the Nigerian leader couldn’t do. I agree. Governor Wike is in the mould of leaders who can salvage Nigerians and it is good that he is leading the charge, crossing partisan lines to navigate national rebirth and cohesion among Nigerians. After all, before political parties, we were Nigerians and since political parties come and go, we should never loose sight of our Nigerianness, our brotherhood and most of all, our inalienable liberties.
Wike no doubt has done what Napoleon could not do. But we, too, must follow in his steps to do what only us can do best: change the change. All Nigerians must make up their minds, register as voters and actually vote on election day. Afterwhich as one great country of courageous people, we shall defend our votes together and say an eternal goodbye to this evil assault on our consciousness. Nothing else would suffice. Yes we can!
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