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Nigeria is soaked in Blood, but Adesina Chooses to dance naked

By Simeon Nwakaudu
Is there anybody in Nigeria who is not aware that Nigeria is soaked in blood from the North to the South.  The gory tales will make any well-meaning  person cringe in fear.
But the charlatans who hide under the name Presidency choose to play the Ostrich.  Mr Femi Adesina leads this group  of sycophants.  In a desperate bid to  defend the indefensible, they say anything.
I am aware  that Femi Adesina can go to ridiculous levels to defend this failed APC Federal Government headed by his principal 5. But I was shocked when he led his team of minnows to trivialize  the threat to the life of Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike.
It must be reiterated that the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike is in possession of credible intelligence that the agents of the APC Federal Government plot to assassinate him in a crowd and claim that it was an accidental discharge.
Governor Wike released the information on the threat to his life on the altar of God at the Living Faith Church, D-Line Port Harcourt.
Nobody expects Femi Adesina to be compassionate.  After all, there is no milk of human kindness in officials of the APC Federal Government.  They swim in the blood of Nigerians. They bath in the  blood of the innocent.  They  are never moved by the blood flowing everywhere.
But if Adesina thinks that this failed APC Federal Government will drink the blood of Rivers State Governor, God  has already protected him. His clique of demonic blood suckers will never see the blood of God’s anointed.
Every semblance of sanity has fled this APC Federal Government.  A very serious security information was placed on the table by a serving governor, but they chose politics ahead of responsibility .  Instead of addressing the  fundamental issues, they prefer to sing hymns from the pit of hell.
In Kaduna, Zamfara, Kogi, Nasarawa, Kwara, Benue, Taraba , Adamawa, Plateau, Kogi, Ebonyi, Yobe, Borno and other states of the South-West, shedding of human blood has become daily news.
On Tuesday, May 22, two Catholic priests and 15 parishioners killed by Fulani herdsmen  were laid to rest amid wailing. Several previous mass burials have not elicited concerns from the failed APC Federal Government.  Instead, they give excuses, insult opponents and move on to the next location of bloodletting.
The other day, blood thirsty Femi Adesina said that the over 5000 persons murdered by Fulani herdsmen in Agatu Benue State were not many  enough.  See:
For a man who rationalises the wasting of fellow human beings, there is no need engaging him because his humanity has gone on sabbatical.  Serving an administration without a security strategy is a nightmare.
AdeSINa’s case is more disheartening as he pretends to be a pastor. Yet he justifies on behalf of the Presidency the killing of innocent Christians by blood-sucking Fulani herdsmen.
Governor Wike is an institution. The embodiment of the mandate of Rivers people. The gates of the blood-sucking APC Federal Government cannot prevail against him.
According to Amnesty International,20,000 have become widows and orphans in the middle-belt in 2017/18. This is what should concern AdeSINa.  But he glories in the suffering of the innocent. This appears  to be the official policy of the APC Federal Government.
In Borno and Yobe States, Nigerians watch  tearfully everyday as statistics of the dead are rolled out. The APC Federal Government aside worthless propaganda, has allowed killers to  decimate the people.
In terms of development of any kind, the APC Federal Government has failed irredeemably.  There  is nothing  to show for the over N40trillion that the APC Federal Government has spent. The economy has collapsed and Nigeria is now a laughing stock.
On the other hand, Rivers State is now Nigeria’s centre of development after the APC was voted out in 2015. Governor Wike has executed more projects in three years than the APC Federal Government.  Empirical data abound.
Nigeria is burning.  Nigeria is soaked in blood, yet Femi AdeSINa has preferred irresponsible beer parlour talk to responsible engagement.  Nobody expects the  APC Federal Government to open up investigations on the planned assassination of Governor Wike  because they are behind the ugly plot. Even if they grudgingly do, they will exonerate themselves like they did in Taraba. This APC Federal Government was birthed in deceit and wickedmess. Its lack of capacity for good is known to all.
As 2019 beckons, the end of this era of Federal Plague is at hand. No matter the blood offering initiated, executed and disseminated by the agents of darkness, good will triumph over evil.
AdeSINa should continue dancing naked, offering tasteless explanations for the gruesome killings of Christians by agents of the administration he serves.  Christians from across the country have cried out, God will rise up mightily on their behalf.
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