Sunday , 22 September 2019


By Kenneth Ikonne
 Nigeria is a land bristling with conceit and hypocrisy! Suddenly, the killing of General Ironsi, for which the rest of Nigeria had extraordinarily rewarded and decorated General Danjuma, has now become such a terrible crime just because Danjuma urged for self – defence against herdsmen! Since General Ironsi’s assassination in 1966, Danjuma had gone on to hold several crucial positions in the nation, including Chief of Army Staff, Minister for Defence, and even under Buhari, the Chairman of this administration’s advisory tink tank on policy. All that while, no one raised the issue of his killing Ironsi, or sought to disqualify him on that score. But for indirectly criticizing Buhari, a new army of Ironsi lovers has arisen!
 Well, since time does not run on crime, it is not too late for President Buhari to order an inquiry into the circumstances in which General Ironsi died, fish out those who killed the General, and proceed to try them immediately. The only problem is that President Buhari might by so doing be incriminating himself as well. Danjuma was not a lone gunman; it was a Northern coup, carried out by Northern officers, including Buhari. Do you now appreciate the conceit in t
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