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Nation-building or Nation-looting (Questions raised over cost of new Abuja Airport runway )

By Salami Hassan –

A new runway was launched at the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport, Abuja. In recent news, the Abuja runway was declared ready for use. This comes as a good news to Nigerians and would signify a step in the right

direction, but this like many other projects undertaken has cost a ludicrous amount of money. The Senate had queried the N63.5 billion approved for the construction of the second Runway for the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, saying it was an attempt to ‘steal and rape’ Nigerians of the country’s common patrimony. The new Abuja airport runway cost a ludicrous amount of money The entire Gombe Airport, with 3.6km runaway cost N8.2 billion; Jigawa Airport cost a total of N11 billion, Bauchi, N12 billion; Enugu Airport, reconstructed and expanded at N13 billion and Akwa Ibom Airport was constructed at N18.05 billion. Heathrow Terminal 5 of the UK airport, Heathrow, has 4 lanes of 4km runways and cost N21.28bn. Meanwhile the freshly completed 3.8km single lane runway of the Abuja airport cost N63.5bn. One doesn’t need to study Economics to know that more money for less quality is an aberration. It is bewildering that the figures spent on projects undertaken by the Nigerian government are incomparable to those spent by other governments on similar projects. You would think that this is as a result of higher grade materials being used or better contractors being employed, only for the project to require maintenance after a few years.

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