Friday , 24 January 2020
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Michael Maddoxman Okwori wrote:

I believe in constructive criticism. It reminds all of us that someone is watching us. It brings out the best in people who are not under the illusion that they are perfect and know it all. But some people just love to criticize for its own sake. How could anyone fault the government‘s decision to extend the resumption date for primary and secondary schools? It is clearly the right thing to do. The average pupil/student is a minor – less than 18. Many of our children have heard about Ebola but they need to stay home and be protected by their parents and guardians until classes and schools are comfirmed safer. As per students in tertiary institutions, they are adults and can be trusted to take hygienic and other safety measures to protect themselves and others from Ebola. My son, Adole, will go to school for the first time when schools re-open. I don‘t want him walking into a class that is not safe. Even if the government had not extended resumption of schools because of Ebola, I would have done so for him. I think the government has handled this Ebola disease very well so far and deserves commendation. How I wish it would handle unemployment, corruption, security and power in like manner!

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