Sunday , 20 October 2019


When I read on the timeline of one of the APC urchins quoting Livingstone Wechie to have said if the embattled former CJN Hon. Justice Samuel Nkanu Onoghen had listened to them when they had warned him not get himself involved with the Governor of Rivers State Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, he wouldnt have gotten himself in the mess, I saw nothing but a young man struggling to redeem a battered image by throwing invectives at every corner.

Ordinarily I wouldnt be doing this, but because of the gullible out there who might still think the young man Livingstone Wechie had or still have any shade of integrity in him.

Livingstone Wechie can only be described as a charlatan who is only interested in lining the walls of his pocket and his integrity which he parades to have is dependent of who is ready to pay handsomely. This young man who parades himself as an activist is nothing but a brown envelope activist.

How can any sane person take Livingstone Wechie seriously, a man who deposed to an affidavit under oath only to turn 360 degrees to say the same information was false, does this amount to perjury and should this young man be put behind bars for misleading the people according to his claims.

Recall  that sometime ago the said Livingtone Wechie through The Integrity Group, an NGO he is part of, embarked on the mission of finding out what happened to priced assets of the state in the twilight of the Amaechi administration and subsequently in their findings indicted the former Governor of Rivers State Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi to have surreptitiously sold the Assets to a friend and business partner and diverted the fund so raised to self-political jamboree.

Not known by other Directors of the NGO and other well-meaning Rivers persons Mr. Wechie engaged in the quest, that his motive was self-seeking and a vehicle to rip the State Government of huge sums of money, but when his intentions and expectations were not met he started singing in discordant tunes to justify the huge sum of money the Minister of Transportation and former Governor of Rivers State offered him for his so called integrity. A source confirmed that Mr. Wechie had complained that despite his effort to unravel the atrocities committed by Amaechi against Rivers State, that the Governor did not deem it necessary to meet his demand of a bullet proof car, a choice mansion and a cash sum of #1 billion.

These are questions we need to ask Livingstone Wechie;
Is he the only Director of The Integrity Group?
Why are other Director not in support of his recent actions?
Why are other Directors not deeply involved in politics the way Livingstone is involved?
That he is the executive Director which is privilege accorded him by his colleagues, is it a license to decisions unilaterally without the consent of co-directors?
Why are other Directors still standing on their position as regards the information they released under oath while Wechie alone is the one denying the information.

On this note I will call on well meaning Nigerians and individuals to never take Livingstone Wechie serious as he is never true to his words and changes as the money changes.

▪Princewill Emejuru

AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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