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Libya: Obama’s woeful failure

By Acheilleus Chud-Uchegbu

There is always a time when a leader swallows his pride and states the obvious. Barack Obama admits that his Libyan invasion was his biggest mistake. And i say the biggest mistake ever made by the Nobel Institute was to hurriedly award a Nobel Peace Prize to a sunflower. That guy invaded Libya in a most barbaric manner and turned a once prosperous country into a failed state ravaged by unrest. He was the anchor of a plot to decimate Libya which started as soon as Gadaffi signed contracts to spend $500b to build a second Benghazi and also a connecting bridge between Tripoli and Italy. Italian companies won the major contracts. That is now off the radar. Libya is in turmoil. the architects, and masterminds, deceived the UN into creating a no fly zone which NATO/US bombers used freely to bomb Libya’s presidential palace until they made sure the President was killed and his family decimated. Worst, Africa and its leaders stayed aloof. Only Zuma and Mugabe raised their voices against. I wrote about the wrongs committed against Libya then and still hold my views that Obama was murderous in that enterprise making him underserving of a Nobel in peace. I am glad that Americans now know that his venture, and mistakes, over Libya led to the killing of their envoy to Tripoli.  Even today, PMB had admitted that Nigeria suffers a direct consequence of that mindless rage against a country that was becoming a model in development in Africa. I wish, and pray, there would be a version of Nuremberg for Libya.

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