Tuesday , 10 December 2019


As flags fly at half mast in Nigeria; my heart goes out to the government and people of Benue State and other states who were victims of the worst ferocious narcissism and hellish apartheid under the present federal government, footsoldiered by the most dreaded and brutish principality domiciled in the lives of the strangest and yesteryears mistake of creature operating as Fulani Herdsmen.
Nigerians have witnessed over a short period, the crudest form of bestiality and animalization akin to what is obtainable in hell as they are systematically being cut down like trees brazenly in a well graphed Jihadist Expansion Scripts to serve the overlords and political demi-gods who masquerade behind these heinous and genocidal acts for their introverted political and economic reasons.
With the latest territorial control showdown declared on the Peoples of Nigeria by the Fulani Terrorists, the mouthing of our security forces assumes that of a toothless bulldog status and sheer complement of the world security architecture.
Permit me to say that some of them are criminally complicit in the ongoing carnage, possibly in obedience to a superior order handed down to them to protect the untouchables and turn blind eye to the situation so that the armed lions will devour the unarmed harmless rams in the jungle for the chiefest reason of Islamizing the Nigerian State through the back door.
Total restructuring which involves devolution of powers to states could have strengthened our security system through the decentralization of the police system so that the governors can truly assume the title of Chief Security Officers of their respective states. This development became necessary as some of the affected governors claimed they pre-informed the powers that be based on intelligence reports of the impending attacks but no proactive response because the security system are not under their control as the officers take orders from above.The target governors are mere ceremonial Chief Security Officers but not in practicality.
The actions, threats, comments and statements of the Miyetti Allah and Allah Fulani Development in the Benue Massacre without any arrest action by the federal government speaks volume of the drummers of the sad music and their sinful intents. It ironically suggests that the attacks are premeditated and well executed backed by some latent state forces with an outspoken agenda.
The heroic posturing of the leaders of the associations and the poor response
of the federal government concerning the Benue and other killings should alert the people involved that they need not the services of a soothsayer to tell them that they should resort to self-help and desist from depending on a reactive government with a biased weird ideology.
The cattle colony being championed by the federal government may not yield the required results because that will amount to gross injustice against the farmers as some states do not have enough farm lands let alone grazing space. The proposal will be dead on arrival as many states will obviously kick against the devilish greek gift. The proposal is just a carefully thought through plan aimed at confusing the people, buy time in order to change the strategy of driving home their agenda.
It is disheartening that the same government who visited IPOB with a strange python dance and proscribed them afterwards have suddenly lost her dance skills because some sacred cows are involved. Let the python also dance in the herders camp to convince Nigerians that we are one and there are no preferential treatment on any tribe. The Fulani Devils should also be declared a terrorist organization immediately following the dance so as to give justice to the victims of their brutality.
The government and people of Benue State should never yield to the blackmail, threats and intimidation by any person or groups aimed at cowing them to dump the Anti-Open Grazing Bill passed into law and accepted by the people.
The killings were strategically planned to weaken the government and turn the people against her so she will be forced to dump the law.The Benue government should be discreet with information regarding their approach against the herders in order not to play into the lion’s den.
Unity is the only key that will activate the herders defeat in the state. The blood of the harmless innocents unjustly wasted will surely stand against the herders camp. Once bitten, twice shy. God must surely deliver the Peoples of Nigeria from these soldiers of darkness called Fulani Herdsmen.
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