Thursday , 23 January 2020
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By Ikechukwu Obi
At the APC NEC meeting yesterday, Buhari announced an expansion of the FEC by way of appointment of more Ministers. Also, other appointments into boards of MDAs are on the way courtesy of a Presidency that recently got its mojo back.
And expectedly, APC is agog! Yes, jobs are on the way for the boys, not the jobs that create any real value in an economy largely dependent on government but jobs that create avenues for drain and depletion. It’s election time, so they’re ringing the charges and recruiting foot soldiers using government jobs as patronage.
That’s the story of Nigeria where using public office to settle political followers and bait them into supporting you for the next election is culture. A rent-seeking system where access to public funds via political office is the reward for electoral victory is the system that has defined Nigeria’s constant under-development over the decades.
Apparently we’ve entered election season and according to Buhari, Nigeria’s economy is picking up and so we now have resources to cater for more appointees. Well, that’s ok. I will be called an EoP (a.k.a Enemy of Progress) if I say people shouldn’t eat from their hustle. If you worked for APC during the elections (more like if you LIED for APC), start pushing your CV now. There are hundreds of board appointments up for grabs and you have about one-and-a-half years to take your own share before the end of this tenure.
And that’s the continuous tragedy of the country called Nigeria.
In all honesty, one would have thought our political system would be weaned from the sharing and patronage structure of the PDP to one of production and competition. One would have expected Buhari to sacrifice ambition and initiate novel recruitment processes that would employ CEOs of certain identified MDAs in open competition instead of the same old political feudalism which has led this country nowhere.
But i’m speaking grammar…I know. sigh.

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