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Is Buhari protecting Killer Fulani herdsmen?

By Okey Igbokwe


Did you notice that Buhari was quick to fly to China and issued a warning from there to pipeline vandals promising them same treatment with Boko haram. But the same man did not give a single word to fulani terrorists that has killed nearly 1,000 this year alone, destroying farmlands and wiping out homes and villages from Benue to Enugu to Asaba to Umuahia?Why is Buhari keeping silent on the activities of the fulani terrorists? As their grand patron and leader, his silence is quite expected. It shows that the fulani terrorists have a tacit support from Buhari to kill and maim Igbo citizens and occupy their territories. It will prove to efulefu Igbo that the man they supported and voted to power rather than demand for Biafra freedom is a terrorist, a killer and a mass murderer!I fully support anything that would remove Buhari from Aso Rock by all means necessary; be it via impeachment, via a military coup or via Nato invasion as they did to Gaddafi.(He who comes to kill me should kill himself first: Obialu Igbum bulu uzo gbuo onwe ya).

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