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Ibiam Girls: My Sweetest Alma-Mater

A corper serving in Afikpo invited me to a presentation he was making at my Alma-mater, Sir Francis Ibiam Girls Grammar School, Afikpo. I happily accepted. Oh My God, these kids acted like Obama came visiting. You see in my sweetest town of Afikpo, children and students do not joke with me. I am their happening happening, they think I am the best thing since sliced bread. Imagine kids as young as 2 years old shout MARIA when they see me, how they know I am Maria is beyond me, as I feel they are just too young to know such. Primary school kids must touch me if I dare go near their school, they will all run out as if they saw (honestly I don’t know lol). Their teachers will be running helta skelter trying to control the situation hahaha. As far as kids and students are concerned in my town; I am their movie star, their Rihana, their Dangote, their Beyonce, their Obama, their Buhari (Changi lol). Na me be their own BIG MAN. But I tell ya, nothing prepared for what the students in my Alma-mate did on this day. As soon as they saw a giant SUV they figured it must me, right away it was like someone just told them all to come out of wherever they were, all of them escorted me to the hall of the event. Now the real part that got me crying like a baby is coming ooooo.

The moderator of the event started announcing the guests of honour and all was cool and normal, as soon as it got to my turn, these girls all stood up, stood still and started doing some powerful emotional reserved school songs. JESUS CHRIST, I STARTED CRYING because it was just too powerful. The rendition was something else, as I am writing this I am crying because I feel like I am there listening to them again. It was surreal I have no idea what the songs were. You can hear a pin drop as these kids rendered these powerful songs in my honour. It was just OH MY GOD. I am even getting goose-bumps thinking about it. And Damn it I am going back to see them again because I need to feel what I felt that day one more time in my lifetime. It was out of these world. These kids honored me like the world was coming to an end. OH MY GOD. It was something else. I appreciate greatly, I am humbled. Just so humbled.

My Dear Alma-mater,
the Alma-mater with the mostess, my sweetie sweetie Ibiam girls, my darlingda, my everything, you see I am gonna make you very very proud. I will break records never heard of on this earth for you. The world must know that an Ibiam girl cannot carry 2nd. Good thing Afikpo has given me the mandate to serve. I am going to make selfless politics the norm in this nation, that way anything outside of it becomes abnormal and frowned upon. My sweetest Ibiam girls, before heading to America in 1989, you gave me the basic foundation I needed in life, I thank you profusely for that. I will soon land with what I promised you, you know, that thing that moves beautifully….Very soon. You trust what your student can do.  Once a student of Ibiam is a student of Ibiam forever!!! I am proud to be your student.Thanks for loving me, I love you soo much.

Yours Truly,
Maria Ude Nwachi (Afikpo Chic).
BCEL – Best Chic Ever Liveth.
Minority Leader – Ebonyi state house of assembly.

AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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