Tuesday , 7 April 2020


By Oraye St. Franklyn


Although a lot of water has passed under the bridge in the relationship of critical political-cum-traditional stakeholders of Rivers State, which continue to suppurate discord in the polity, it is important to point out clearly that hope is not lost and that as citizens and stakeholders too, we hold the ace in championing unity and development in Rivers State.In this piece, I single out one man, not to lampoon him but because as former Captain of the Ship of State, rather than transmute to Statesman, as would be expected, given the exemplary models of his forebears, he has become the leading opposition figure challenging the development of a State he once governed.He is being singled out to further impress upon him, as do all people of goodwill, to note the realities bestaring sons and daughters of the State who have invested their lives and made life-threatening sacrifices in sustaining the wreck; to appreciate the consequences of his brand of politics to his followers especially, and also to the State, and to allow the very State he once led, move forward, not necessarily because he is holding it hostage or that it isn’t making progress but because it is consistently being demarketed by the actions of his Party for gains that are not in the interest of or concomitant with the aspirations of Rivers people.In truth, the ship has sailed and its current Captain has set its course to prosperity and development in the best interest of the people. To, therefore, continue to instigate strife in the polity is not only defeatist but self-indicting as well. Worse still, consequences are bound to follow if not for anything, to prove the elements as infallible. There’s time for everything and for every game, players that win and lose but not expected of their senses or dignities.Speaking of consequences; as at today, in credit to their own actions, geared towards promoting the pride of the wreck, the law appears to be catching up with footsoldiers neck deep in the unnecessary bangarang. The colony is obviously falling apart as the mirage of claims fade away in a myriad of perplexing realities.No tide stays still. Every captain must bid his time and thereafter retire to the shadows of his Island. There cannot be two captains in one ship. This is the right order of things. Going against the tide is not just an invitation for critical calamities, it is extremity that bears no good. Let reason prevail.For MV Rivers, there’s just one Captain and he gives the command. The crew know their Captain, they hear his voice and they heed his call. Best of all, the elements favour him. So whether or not, the tirade from within against the good of the lot abate, amidst the torrential tides, MV Rivers will stay on course and arrive at the Shore of Shared Prosperity because this Captain and his crew are bent on that singular objective. Nothing else will suffice in the interest of the common good.Dear Ex-Capo, your tide is gone and the ship has sailed. It is now time to emulate the ennobling examples of your respected forbears in the interest of those you claim to love.Kpakam!


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