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By Lancelot Obiaku
Imo State has become a laughing stock among the states of the federation. The rein of Rochas Okorocha as governor of the state is an occurrence which the living, the dead and ancestors of the land wish never happened. His ignominious rule has headed Imo back to the dark ages and within the period in review, sister states, Anambra and Ebonyi have well overtaken her economically, developmentally and otherwise. It has dawned on everyone in Nigeria and the world that Imo was set on regression the day this great emperor and disaster of note was pronounced governor in 2011. Listing the many areas where the governor has failed woefully and is still failing would be a waste of precious time and energy.
However, what is more important to point is that all things being equal, Gov. Okorocha has seemed a man on a mission – to steal, kill and destroy. Apparently, the governor seems to have thoroughly succeeded in this ignoble mission, hence, his joy has known no bound of late and it has been fun all the way, for him.
What else can one say than that the man on a mission has taken seven years to litter  Imo State with bad roads, abandoned projects, comatose health sector, destroyed markets, crippled businesses; while leaving workers, pensioners, traders, business men and women in regrets, pain and anguish. One wonders if Gov. Okorocha’s recent conduct and utterances are not that of a fulfilled man. Yes, a man that has accomplished his evil mission.
Of course, within these seven years of his horrible, cruel and jaundiced rulership that has taken Imo below, Okorocha has himself risen from a regular rich man, to the richest governor in Nigeria, and arguably one of the wealthiest persons in Nigeria and Africa.
Yet, as imolites go about in their thousands protesting bad governance on daily basis, and millions of them express the pain and sorrow inflicted on them by the WORST governor and government they ever had, Okorocha is competing for the world’s happiest man; even as he has upped the ante in making caricature of Imo people who are the captives of his inglorious conquest in the Eastern Heartland. At every gathering to discuss supposed important issues, the Ogboko born imperialist would turn it to a mockery theatre to make jest of Imo people. In a video that went viral in April, he had spewed: “HIV is Back! Oria Mgbirigbiri ajaocha………” and the rest of incoherent words he brazenly mouthed. But if Okorocha is truthful (I know he would never be), he would have agreed that his administration is HIV itself and the virus had not stopped for a second to attack the  immunity of Imo State since 2011.
Furthermore, the emperor would later change gear when granting interview to a reporter. Another video came up a few days ago. Here, he accused imolites who are criticizing his empty style of governance characterized by massive looting of the state’s wealth, of exhibiting what he called “IBERIBERISM”. I am not one of those to pretend not to know what he meant by that. I am a well bred young Igbo man who has had touches with the streets. Lexically, IBERIBERISM is a street jargon which connotes stupidity and foolishness. It is coined from the Igbo word, ‘Iberibe’, which simply means stupidity or foolishness. Literally but sadly, emperor Rochas had called Imo people stupid and foolish for daring to be conscious of the fact that he is the worst governor the state has ever had.
When ndi Imo thought they had seen or had enough of their tormentor–in-chief governor, he pulled off the biggest straw in the Carmel’s back, the most damming of all his recent mockeries so far. It was last Sunday that pictures of the governor anointing worshipers at the government house chapel went viral. The images were clean and clear. Okorocha of all persons bore a bottle of supposed anointing oil as both youths and full fledged adults took turns to have some oil placed on their forehead with a sign of the cross, by no less a person than Gov. Okorocha.  One can only imagine the enormity of this monumental deceit and mockery of the Imo masses by a man who failed over 7 years to anoint the state with hundreds of billions from monthly federal government allocations, 13% oil derivation fund, bail out funds, excess crude account, Paris club loan refund, etc.
Even his purported ousting from Imo APC is not enough to cut short Okorocha’s joy, and no one should make the mistake of thinking that he is overly worried about his current situation in the party. Instead, he is overjoyed, elated and exhilarated knowing that Imo people are suffering and crying.  Imolites have no other option than to wait until 2019 to see if they can smile again. For the emperor, governance is over and he can go on gallivanting around the world and making mockery of Imo masses, having succeeded in his ungodly mission. Indeed, Rochas Okorocha is having fun!
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