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Don’t accuse Ortom of condoning the mass killing of Tiv people by Fulani herdsmen

■Nat Apir

My heart Bleeds

We may disagree with Governor Ortom’s style of leadership and his way of handling issues and even his approach to governance and that is perfectly normal in a democracy. I sometimes do not agree with the  way that he has been handling some matters of state craft, even though we have been friends for over 30 years now. Friends level up with their friends.

But  to suggest that Governor Ortom is responsible for the Sankera Killings, arson, rape and maiming and or that he planned it with Fulani terrorists  is most unfair. The Town hall meeting in Katsina-Ala was planned before the unfortunate attacks.

But in view of those killings the meeting ought to have been called off for another day. Period!

That the meeting still went ahead after the horrible attacks and killing of our people May have been an oversight or  a lapse in judgement, But to suggest that Governor Ortom has a hand in the evil, wicked and horrendous act of terrorist Fulani herdsmen in Sankera is stretching it too far.

I have always said this, and it bears repeating here , Governor Ortom is being undermined by some of his aides. For goodness sake , If owing to the pressure of office and or for any other reason Governor Ortom had not taken cognizance of the gravity of the situation at hand , couldn’t any of his aides had impressed it on him on the need to postpone the Katsina-Ala town hall meeting to another day?

Lets face it barly 24 hours after innocent citizens of your state were  killed in a most senseless manner it was not fair to have gone ahead with a town hall meeting in the same environment where these killings took place. Some of these people may even have voted for you in the last election But even if they didnt you’re now their governor and you are therefore expected to show emphathy.  By this act of going ahead with the meeting people are forming an opionion about you of that of a callous and uncaring governor. But I know that is not who you are.

My dear brother, friend and Governor please take a critical look at your cabinet and act before it is too late. Some of these people are too engrossed and enamored in politics. They play politics with everything forgetting that now is the time for the serious business of governance.

Also , There’s an an inherent danger in having only yes men and palace historians whose only known past time is that of singing the praises of a democratically elected Governor around the seat of power.

To my fellow Benue citizens, I want to appeal to us to please stand united with our Governor on this matter of terrorists Fulani herdsmen attacks on our people. We are already under a deadly siege from these terrorists  lets not allow them to further divide us, for united we will stand , but divided we will fall.

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