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Buhari 419 on Calabar-Lagos Rail Project

By Chukwuemeka Osuigwe

I want clarification .
I know  that GEJ approached China and secured a financial deal from one of their institutions  to finance  Lagos to Calabar  railway line. In this way, China will recoup their expenses by managing the railway line and it’s facilities  on an agreed number of years

Please what the issue of budget and no budget for the Calabar to Lagos Railway line on the national Assembly.  is there any agreement with China that the government will provide certain amount.

Na question I ask

AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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  1. Mr. Osuigwe, you are still engulfed with Jonathan’s corrupt government, with the nonsense you just posted.. Please try and come out of it, because the whole world are very much aware of Jonathan’s high level of corruption when he was in power. If Jonathan did approach the Chinese government for funds to build the said Railway lines, from Lagos to Calabar, was that rail road built during Jonathan’s government? If the Lagos-Calabar rail line was never constructed by Jonathan, despite the fact that the Chinese government did extend that funds or loans to him, then Jonathan must be prosecuted to explain, why the project was never executed despite the fact that he got the funds from the Chinese government.

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