Thursday , 5 December 2019


By Samuel Ajayi
Aisha Buhari and Zarah live with the president inside the Villa and they see what is going on and agreed that things are not just right. They could see clearly that Baba has lost it completely.
Meanwhile, they enjoy all the privileges that go with their positions. They don’t need to buy anything. Everything needed is provided by the State House Protocol. From food to water; from personal security to convenience they are being taken care of by the State.
All these things they enjoy BECAUSE Buhari is the president. He is the reason for the state taking care of them. Yet, they are criticising him.
Yet, you are in Lagos. You have not paid your kids’ school fees. Your rent is almost due. Bad governance has led to your employer asking you to either get sacked or take a pay cut. You chose the latter. You are disturbing family and friends everyday for “family support”. Even virtual friends on Facebook are not left out.
Yet, in all this, you are defending Buhari. You are saying that even if it is times ten worse than this in your life, you are returning him in 2019. You still blame Jonathan, PDP and some imaginary enemies for his inadequacies.
To you: “Baba yen nice. Awon to surround e lo n create problem fun.”
The only thing that could be responsible for your action is pure INSANITY!
How I wish I have your mum’s number so I can call her. Mothers can do anything to save us. Including from self-imposed STUPIDITY and MADNESS.
This is beyond ‘ordinary eyes’. Wetin? Aisha Buhari is criticising her own husband and you are saying she must have been bought over.
Abiyamo** ooo….
*Gbaranmideleru is a Yoruba way of describing someone who seems to be crying more than the bereaved.
** Abiyamo is Yoruba’s emotional way of referring to mothers.
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