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Azuka Onwuka wrote:

What is the crime of Mrs Roli Bode-George, the new DG of NDLEA? Nothing except that she is the wife of Chief Bode George, who was jailed wrongly by a Lagos State High Court, according to the Supreme Court. Indeed if our justice system had a better human face, Government should be paying compensation to him and apologizing to him for wrongful imprisonment. Ironically, the same day the Supreme Court was quashing the sentence on Bode George for miscarriage of justice, an Abuja High Court was also throwing out the case against Nasir el-Rufai. But Bode George’s judgement was derided by some people as influenced by the FG, while el-Rufai’s judgement was praised as victory for rule of law. Double standards! Why didn’t the FG influence el-Rufai’s case too and get him jailed as a member of the opposition?

Is Mrs Roli Bode-George not qualified? This is a woman who has been a Federal Commissioner at the National Population Commission, a graduate of University of Benin and University of Liverpool. Should she had been demoted to a cleaner because of her husband?

Meanwhile, the DG of the NDLEA is not the CEO, unlike the DG of NAFDAC. The CEO of NDLEA is the Chairman/CEO, and he is Mr Ahmadu Giade, who has been doing a good job since 2005 when he was appointed. Her full title is Director General/Secretary of the Board of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA). She is the head of the board of directors of NDLEA, not the chief executive officer of the agency.

Can we just let this woman be and allow her to pursue her career as a fellow Nigerian?

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