Tuesday , 7 April 2020
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APC thrives on lies

By Abraham Ogbodo

Gullibility is fast becoming a national culture. No one asks questions here and because serious questions were not asked at the beginning when the APC was masquerading as change agents, we are at this point today and being asked to excercise patience perpetually in anticipation of the great change promised. Somebody said fuel scarcity would be gone by April 7 and more than a week after, nobody is asking why the scarcity has increased instead of abating.

Someone said public electricity could be guaranteed non-stop in six months and here we are today experiencing complete absence of electricity and nobody is asking questions. Anything is acceptable by us.

If tomorrow another fellow that had been out of touch for 30 years emerges and claims to be the Moses that will lead the exodus out of bondage, we will accept without asking questions. Let’s ask questions and take our leaders to task. For instance if a man leaving in a face me, I slap you room apartment in Ajegunle proposes to multiply your wealth and make you richer than Dangote, ask him why he has not availed himself of the same magic service to better his circumstances. Make we nor dull O!

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