Thursday , 2 April 2020


By: Bright Jossy Elendu

UNEP Report is a programme of United nation and the funds for the implementation is not also from federal or state government but from the multi-Nationals that owns the facilities that polluted the Ogoni  communities. The federal government is only heading/supervising the processes of implementation and that will be done in synergy with state government and other necessary stakeholders .

Unfortunately, what the APC does is to play politics  with virtually everything in Rivers and Nigeria at large and that was why we saw the visit of the minister of environment with a  team to Rivers state on the eve of the #RiversRerun, just to create the impression that the federal government was about implementing the UNEP report  but nothing has been heard about it till today, even as the funds for the implementation had been long ago made available before the exit Goodluck Jonathan.
It could be recalled that the foundation of the UNEP report implementation was laid and kicked off by the immediate past administration of Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and one ordinarily expects that the APC led federal government should have actualised that UNEP report implementation in its first one year in office but unfortunately ,we are still where the Jonathan administration left the implementation process.
Don’t be surprised if you see another visit to Rivers state with regards to the same UNEP report any day INEC announces a new date for the cancelled 8 LGAs.

We await to see Buhari kick starting the implementation, as the governor of Rivers state , @GovNyesomWike has promised to give all the necessary assistance as soon as they are ready for the implementation.

We are wiser. …

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