Saturday , 4 April 2020


To APC, PDP is like the owl. The mere sight of the owl, instills fear. If it hoots, they shiver in fear. If its quiet, their fear consumes them. The decamping of two or three former PDP members triggered the fear button of APC and Adams Oshiomhole.
Adams Oshiomhole couldn’t stop talking.
Today we heard the cries of a desperate man, trying to get the attention of President Buhari in Abuja. In his desperation to get a look in by the federal govt,  Adams Oshiomhole heaped underserved praises, paid lip service and attempted  to massage the ego of President Buhari. We saw a man, who has not come to terms with his status of former governor.
We saw a party in government struggle to fill up Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium with people, even while receiving ” thousand upon thousand of decampees” and the financial inducements offered to market women and the teeming jobless youths their party and government created. Hard as they tried, the atmosphere was bland, the disconnect was palpable. It was a tragic failure.
We can indeed confirm that APC is on its way out.
The rouble-rouser-in-chief had no achievement to credit his government in Abuja with. Instead, he continued to rant the cliche of corruption and sadly, he sounded like a loose cannon, mocked by the audience he was “entertaining”. He cut a figure from the comic strip Batman, named, The Joker! Unfortunately, his performance just like the rally, was tragic.
No government that has shown this amount of hypocrisy, incompetence, impunity, arrogance and helplessness deserve to govern talkless get a second term and there Adams Oshiomhole and his motley crowd attempted to market “ice to the Eskimos”.
Tragic as it is, Adams Oshiomhole has outlived his usefulness, just like APC, he too is a flash in the pan.
Adams Oshiomhole stood on a podium dancing azonto but refused to tell Edo people what he and his Friend, Gov Godwin Obaseki did with over N50b surreptitiously collected under the heading Urgent security Challenges in the last 9 years.
           a. Which war did they fight?
           b. How many armored vehicles did they buy?
           c. How many tanks, water cannons, patrol vehicles etc did    they buy for the police.
            d. Or gun boats for the navy
            e. Fighter jets for the air force.
Adams Oshiomhole who should be explaining his role in the commissioned but uncompleted central hospital now rodent infested building along Sapele road was busy entertaining his crowd with fibs he picked up standing around the corridors of the “cabal”. It really is Tragic.
This piece was written by Chris Osa Nehikhare.
He is the State Publicity Secretary of PDP Edo State.
AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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