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An Ode to Fr. John Adeyi By Charles Okoh

I recall my Junior Secondary School days in St Francis College Otukpo and the Masses you celebrated for us on Fridays. I remember your simplicity, humility and calm demeanour. I do not cry at your demise, i do not mourn you because your death  is martydorm. Rather, I celebrate you, I celebrate all the good that you represented. You gave your youth, your all to the church of God, and in the end, you gave also your Life to the work of God as i am told you were returning from or going for a Mass somewhere. Besides the friendship between my family and yours, I fel personally involved because everyman has a root and mine is Idomaland, the scene of this evil and dastardly act. I grieve dear Vicar, not for you, I greive for the decadence that has consumed Idomaland and Benue State. I curse all those who have let the land degenerate this far, I spit all the curses in my bowels, with all the strenght i can muster on the perpetrators of this dastardly act. They ve invited upon themselves sorrow, agony and tears. The good book clearly commanded “touch not my annointed and do my prophet no harm” yet they callously harmed you. May harm surround them and all they hold dear forever. I celebrate you Father John Adeyi because you ran a good race. I celebrate you and I thank you for all that you were. Indeed, your ordeal is an opportunity for various stakeholders in the land to give vent to new thinking, purposeful discourse and united action to cleanse our land of these elements and tendencies that wreck havoc and evil. As for the Security agencies, I can only say you should have and could have done better. We are not in a state of nature, Governments at all levels, and security agencies in all hues and shapes ought to bury their heads in shame, this priest should have been rescued. the story could have ended better. Fr. John Adeyi, Vicar General of the Otukpo catholic diocease, I join men and women of goodwill to celebrate your life and time. Adieu

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