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  A Reply To George Odoo’s Empty But Malicious Letter To A Governor Who Doesn’t Play To The Gallery!

I read your malicious and shallow letter on Facebook  this morning. My first reaction was to discard it as a ranting of a man whose boss, Hon Ekpe Ogbu is suffering from acute fall from political grace. I am still sure,  Ekpe Ogbu is still suffering from the loss he suffered in the PDP Primary for House of Reps where he lost woefully by losing in his own Ward, Ukwonyo and  scoring only 33 across Ado, Okpkokwu and Ogbadibo. Our people have rejected Ekpe Ogbu for good.
He has been in pain and has hated Dr Ottah for making it difficult for him (Ekpe) to stop the election of Senator ABBA Moro and Hon Agness Uloko in the 2019 elections. Only an incurably desperate and serial loser like Ekpe can sponsor you (George) to write such a malicious and fallacious letter about the Honourable Member, Dr Francis Ottah Agbo who is making Benue proud in Abuja.
You and your sponsors know the truth that the feedback lawmaker loves, respects and works for His Excellency Governor Samuel Ortom. That was why, he worked tirelessly for PDP to win all elections in Ado, that was why unlike you and your boss, Commissioner for Housing, Ekpe Ogbu who sponsored Labour Party Candidate in the Ado House of Assembly election against Hon Agnes Uloko of the PDP.
That Dr. Francis Ottah Agbo carried out Governor Ortom’s directive of delivering all PDP candidates in his zone unlike Ekpe Ogbu who did anti- party against PDP candidates shows that  Rep Ottah takes directives from, and recognises the Governor as the Benue Leader. It is open secret that Ekpe Ogbu openly worked for SDP Senatorial Candidate , Mike Onoja and vowed to stop ABBA Moro of the PDP but the strength of Ari sub zone, under the charge of Francis Ottah Agbo who delivered 100 percent ensured that Moro and Mrs Uloko won.
The Honourable Member is not against Chairmanship zoning in Ado Local Government as you claim but he is only showing leadership by accepting and enforcing the views of the PDP major stakeholders, caucus in Ado which agreed that the zoning should be recalibrated to rotate on the basis of four straight years between Zone A and Zone B. Rather it is Ekpe Ogbu and Ado PDP Chairman, Steven Aluna who are working hard to thwart zoning. In Utonkon where, Ekpe and Aluna come from, they are trying to take Councillorship from Ijokoro Clan to Igba in Royongo Ward which had produced several elected councillors. George,  you are from Ijokoro which has not produced elected  councillor but because you are a coward, you can not stand up to be counted. Ekpe Ogbu is also attempting to thwart zoning against the Governor’s directive, in Ogege Ward and Ukwonyo Ward and the Ufia people have resisted it, and you have the guts to write a fake FB letter accusing  Ottah of killing zoning in Ado. So the question is: Between a serial anti- party man and a zoning killer which Ekpe epitomises and a pragmatically selfless leader like Rep Ottah, who should be accused of disrespecting Gov Ortom?
Another bare faced lie from you is that Dr Ottah led a protest against the appointment of Hon Ekpe Ogbu as Commissioner. Can you show us any proof? After the appointment of Hon Ekpe as Commissioner, I personally signed a press statement on behalf of my boss to congratulate Hon Ekpe Ogbu and during his inauguration Dr Ottah out of his busy schedules also attended the inauguration ceremony at Makurdi.
I want you to recall that Hon Francis Ottah Agbo did all these despite Hon Ekpe absence at his inauguration in Abuja or any letter of congratulation. Those who protested against Ekpe Ogbu are his kith and Kin whom he had impoverished  and cowed over the years.
In the case of Hon Mrs Jane Edeh its an open secret that the stakeholders agreed on Engr Mike Ojah and Hon Jane never indicated her interest in the SA. Apologies have been rendered to Ado stakeholders over the Jane Edeh’s misadventure and that should suffice.
 George Odoo,  desist from over heating the polity and leave His Excellency, Governor Samuel Ortom out of your politics of hatred and bitterness against Hon Member representing Ado/Okpokwu/Ogbadibo Federal Constituency, Dr Francis Ottah Agbo.
AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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