Monday , 20 January 2020


▪️By Joi John
I am struggling to make sense of this Visa Free policy President Muhammadu Buhari went to go and announce in Egypt. Who advises the President?
Nigeria is still managing to contain and counter terrorism. Insecurity continues to ravage the land. We have seen herdsmen in action killing helpless citizens. No one is yet to be apprehended. People sleep with one eye open and depend on grace. Even the Nigerian Army has called for prayers. Within us, we know we have a major problem on our hands. All is not well. Why then do we go all the way to Egypt and announce what will come biting us in future? Who are we impressing anyway? To make matters worse, this starts in a few weeks. Just like that….. Why Baba? Just Why?
Kenya and Ethiopia are the only two countries in the continent currently offering Visa On arrivals.  They do not have the problem we have and are much smaller in number. Their leaders are also on top of their game. The other day, a Kenyan Governor was arrested aboard a train following orders from the Police boss. He and his associates were accused of misappropriating $3.5m of public funds. Despite being hailed as “the giant of Africa” we can’t even boast of such sanity within Nigeria to keep our leadership in check. When other countries implement certain policies, we must not rush to join the bandwagon for goodness sake!. To add insult to this injury, it was the Somalian Minister of Foreign Affairs that came on twitter to applaud Buhari. Can you just imagine the rubbish? Not even the Nigerian Foreign Minister. The abruptness of this announcement in  Egypt without a detailed, official announcement from the government to the citizens is insulting and embarrassing at the same time. Again I ask, Who advises Mr. President?
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