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Tam-George’s Desperate Cries for Attention 

By Simeon Nwakaudu

Austin Tam-George cries daily for attention. Today, he took to his Facebook page to claim that he will mobilise 5million persons to sponsor an impeachment process against Governor Wike.  According to him, he wrote because of comments credited to an Ogu/Bolo State Lawmaker. This man has taken his desperate hustle for money  to a ridiculous level.
The last time, he extorted money from a Rivers based oil company to Campaign for the license of OML 25. His lies fell flat on the ground as Shell Petroleum Development Company retained their licence.  He is now fishing for money in flood-affected communities.  In a few days,  he  will arrange fictional photographs to sell his lies and demand for money from unsuspecting non governmental organisations.
This time, Tam-George is seeking funding for impeachment because of the unfortunate cases of flooding in some parts of Rivers State. He wants the APC leadership in Rivers State to credit his account as a protest trader. This will not materialise.
  Tam-George resides in Lagos, the current Headquarters of flooding and bad roads in Nigeria. We have seen thousands of images and videos from Lagos of streets and communities submerged in flood. There is no record of Tam-George or anyone seeking the impeachment of Sanwo-Olu for the floods. Highbrow Lekki Neighbourhood has been submerged in flood.
The story is the same for Ogun, Ondo, Edo, Delta, Anambra,  Rivers,  Cross River,  Abia, Benue, Akwa Ibom,  Bayelsa Etc.  In fact, flood is ravaging 18 states of the Federation and Governments at different levels are working with different models to address this challenge.  It is a national environmental challenge.
Like I explained when Tam-George cried for attention and funding the last time, Rivers State Emergency Response Model is coordinated at the Office of the Secretary to the State Government. The Emergency Response Team has since been activated and it is working with all stakeholders to achieve results.
The Rivers State Emergency Response Team Constituted by Governor Wike is headed by the Secretary to the Rivers State Government with membership drawn from Ministry of Special Duties,  Ministry of Environment,  Ministry of Information, Ministry of Health,  the Natonal Emmergency Management Agency (NEMA), Security Agencies,  Local Government Council Chairmen and Selected Civil Society Groups  . The Response Team has continued to respond to emergencies in flood-affected communities,  using different approaches to address community immediate problems.
Due to the magnitude of the challenge,  not every community has been covered. But the intervention of the team is ongoing. Different local government councils were also directed to intervene at their own level. This is a robust approach  that included early warning Information to flood-prone areas.
It is true that the economy is bad. There is a struggle to survive. But Tam-George’s “Criticism for Attention/Money ” is distasteful.  Flood has killed hundreds and displaced thousands across Nigeria in 2019. Everyone is seeking solution,  while Tam-George is struggling to make money from it.
It is embarrassing that Tam-George wants to trade with flood.  Has he finished eating the Petrodollars from the Rivers-born sponsor of the OML 25 conflict?
I leave  him with these links :
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