Tuesday , 22 October 2019


Bright Jossy Appeals to Social Media Users.
While we encourage the police to intensify efforts to apprehend the serial killers, it’s also important that every social media user verify every news before circulating them.
The manner at which copy and paste news of this serial killings is flying around is also not helping matters.
We must not copy and paste a news because it was seen on the wall of someone we know… The person you know might have also copied it from someone  she knows without making any effort to verify it’s authenticity… And that’s how fake news goes viral .
Some People post stories on their facebook page and when you reach out to them to confirm the authenticity of the story  they will tell you that they copied it from one Nkechi or Nicolas,  and when you contact the Nkechi and Nicolas they will point fingers to their own unreliable source of the same news…  In the end we all buy into unverified news and keep spreading it.
Some of these news of serial killings that have been flying up and down on social media haven’t been verified till date but nobody cares…all we do is share news at all platforms….and after the damages had been done no one cares to correct the impression anymore.
There have been cases where people will just come up to say that a girl have been killed at a  hotel in a particular location but will refuse to state the name and address of the hotel,  and you would later discover that the news is fake after the news had already gone viral and damages done to all the hotels around the particular area that was mentioned.
Please,  let’s verify our news before circulating them, so as to also help the security agencies and the general public in fighting this ugly situation we have found ourselves.
I just pray that this serial killings is not another well calculated strategy to have Rivers State in the news for the wrong reasons?  Just thinking aloud…
Bright Jossy is a #RiversFirst Proponent
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