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Senators-elect bribed to endorse Senator Lawan 

An APC senator-elect confided that all APC senators-elect, including him, were bribed with N25 million each to endorse Ahmed Lawan for the senate presidency!
That’s our national treasury being frittered away so casually and with such debauched recklessness by a government that makes deafeningly hypocritical noises about fighting corruption just to give legislative teeth to next-level fascism.
The senator-elect, however, said he still won’t vote for Lawan. But I actually want Lawan to win for a complete take-over of all the architectures of government for the sustenance of Buhari’s monocracy. In any case, I can almost bet my bottom dollar that Ndume won’t be different from Lawan.
Irrespective of who emerges as senate president, the next senate would be an appendage of Aso Rock. In the coming weeks, months, and years, Nigerians will see what full-throated fascism looks like. Good luck because you’ll all need it!
Farooq Kperogi
AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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