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Sadly, we lost Femi Adesina

I used to read him those days when he was the Editor-in Chief in the Sun Newspaper, he used to write very brilliantly and always projects the people’s concerns. Very sad, we lost him.
In fact, Femi Adesina’s weekly column in the Sun Newspaper was always unmissable. And if you miss it, definitely, you will look for the newspaper to read his brilliant piece.
I always source for any of the columns I miss or go online to read him.
If you read Femi Adesina then on ethinicity and his unbiased views while projecting the people’s concerns, you must definitely appreciate and like him, always humane, portraying a man with human feelings, a man full of compassion and a man who truly understands the plight of the people.
However, it is unfortunate, we lost that Femi Adesina of all the people. We immediately lost him when he was crowned to work with the government of Nigeria.
Femi’s uplift to the federal government that supposed to be a blessing for the people has finally turned to a curse.
Watching or listening to Femi Adesina these days defending this clueless and daft government that doesn’t have a direction nor destination is absolutely hilarious and painful.
Can someone send this message to him to redress!
I will say, life is fine for Adesina now, he is living very large at the moment, unlike before, during those days he was at the Sun newspaper, but Femi should know and understand that people are suffering severely in Nigeria now than those days he was even struggling to survive.
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