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Right Of Reply RE: Pageants, Promoters And Their Pet Projects

By: Solomon Nda-Isaiah

Following your column of July 13, 2013, I am writing this rejoinder to clear the air that Miss Ambassador For Peace Pageant is one of a kind. If other beauty pageants in Nigeria are not worthwhile or have not really done what they ought to do, I want to say Miss Ambassador For Peace pageant has come to stay.


Though you did nit check properly to know if those you consider as sponsors really churn out money to the organisation that was not utilised, you stated that “Some months ago, beauty queen, Miss Ambassador for peace, paid courtesy calls to the governor of Niger State and his Kaduna state counterpart. They solicited for funds for some said pet projects. She visited other dignitaries for fund also but at the end, nothing was and has not been heard.”


This statement is misleading and has the tendency of bringing the pageant to disrepute. So I want to clear the air by giving some few information about us.



To say the list, since Miss Istifanus was crown MAFP, she has not rested in making sure that the dream of the project is fulfilled. I want to tell you. A lot of schools and orphanages across Nigeria have benefited immensely from her gesture.


We visited and distributed exercise books and food items to GGSS Narayi, Kaduna, Ugwan Boro Primary School, Ugwan Pama Primary School, Adonine Orphanage and Widows Home Kaduna, Victoria Homes Gwarimpa, Abuja and many others.


Also, the Madala and Suleja bomb blast victims were part of those she visited and even donated some items for their upkeep. It is sad that most of her activities were not well publicised by the media even when she said she just want to do some of her projects without the media’s involvement. Her projects have been carried on both in the print and electronic media.


She has really gone far in propagating what could be termed the best way to resolving peace in the country. She has done a lot in the aspect of security.


Youth Sensitisation:

The aim of this project is to enlighten youths all over the world and Nigeria in particular to embrace peace not minding the ethno-religious affiliation.


Bikini Free

As a result of our ideology in bringing morals to the society and forging a good image of Nigeria (a multi-ethno religious society) we made sure that all contestant must poses what it takes to be an ambassador for peace like strong IQ, ability to interact and represent the country internationally on issues that has to do with conflict resolution. We can be represented anywhere as long as it has to do with our ideology.

Even when you said in your columns that promoters are after the money they could get from the pageants, our basic idea is to mentor and serve as guide to winners as representative of the company. We have collaboration with lots of international agencies that work toward enshrining peace and tranquility.

I will also want to say without mincing words that we are one of the most credible registered pageant organisers in Nigeria and can boast of that anytime, anywhere and everyday.


Kingsley Amafibe

CEO Miss Ambassador For Peace, Nigeria.

AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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