Tuesday , 15 October 2019


ByJames Swandecoal Ager
For those who have been carefully watching events unfold in this administration, you will agree with me that all is not well with the APC at the state level and the time bomb is just waiting for the right time to explode.
Even though we are yet to forgive Akume for bringing someone who should have been better made a village head to be our governor in the most cruel manner, it is very important that Ortom should be careful with those who call themselves his loyalists.
How can Ortom allow his chief of staff to continually cause undue division and further draw us back in terms of development? This is the same Terwase Orbunde who has no single goodwill even among his immediate constituency. He is always booed whenever he stands to address people in Kwande at Party functions or when he goes to represent his principal.
Just last week, the Chief of Staff in conjunction with Prof Tyavyar, Tahav, Mike Gusa and others who call themselves “Ortom loyalists” gathered at smile view hotel to plan the sack of those who are considered Akume’s candidates… when my friend Gurgur wrote that his loyalty belongs to the state and the masses (Which ideally should be the case), the same mediocres plotted and executed his removal from office.
Yesterday, when the Vice President came and was to meet with stakeholders, the Chief of Staff who sent the SMS to government appointees only invited “Ortom Loyalists”… laughable! How can you have such division among the state executive council and other appointees? How then will you be able to speak with one voice? How will we benefit from the ideas of those you are shuting out?
It is not surprising that yesterday when the VP was interacting with stakeholders, Hassan Saleh was chosen to speak for House of Reps Members against the status quo which use to be John Dyegh who is believed to be an Akume man… The signs are clear, things are falling apart and everyone perceived to be with Akume is treated like an enemy.
We can’t continue like this; Ortom must rise to the challenge of true leadership and put a stop to this! We should have learnt from the experience of Suswam/Akume & how these battles have left us underdeveloped…
Meanwhile, I heard that these ”Ortom loyalists” have pencilled down some names of appointees to be sacked from the Akume camp come May 29, let’s see how events will continue to unfold…
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