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On the Discussions on Jonathan:

Manu Haruna Isah on Facebook Wrote:


I just concluded my yet to be published article and i wish you have a taste,…

…………… …………… …………… …………… …………… …………… …………… ……

As I negotiate the sharp bend of conclusion, I came across the response, which I now choose to call a syllabus of Denials and Counter accusations, of President Jonathan to

Obasanjo’s letter and I wish to make a certain correction with due respect to the office of the president which Jonathan only occupies.

The statement in response to Obasanjo’s letter that…” while, by the Grace of God Almighty,

IAM THE FIRST PRESIDENT FROM A  MINORITY GROUP, I am never unmindful of the fact that I was elected leader of the whole of Nigeria……” (Emphasis mine) was

indeed incorrect. This assertion is  fallacy for we all know that Gen. Yakubu Gawon was a leader of the whole of Nigeria from Ngas minority ethnic group from Jos. And if Iam to stretch by correction further, the first Prime Minister of Nigeria, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa was also from Bageri tribe of Tafawa Balewa L.G.A and in case one wishes to know,  it is also a minority ethnic group in Bauchi state.

The President must haveweaved up this sentiment to elicit sympathy from his region or kinsmen to further balkanized the country along that fault line and cover up his

obvious weaknesses. Let it be told that, just because one is from the North does not necessarily mean that one must be from a majority ethnic

group as some ethnic champions would want us to believe.

The North’s granitic unity is in the capacity of its peoples to tolerate one another and others from other parts of Nigeria.

In fact even IBB and Abacha can arguably be from minority ethnic groups from Niger and Kano states respectively.

No sir! You could not be the first!! Now, as the 2013 glides away and we usher in 2014, we wish to see a new brand president in action, fully dedicated to the good of all Nigerians.

We wish to see a president engaging corruption headlong. We wish to see  president promoting democracy not only within the PDP but also in the

country in general and equally

tolerating divergent opinions and

constructive criticisms. We wish to see

a president that will muster the

courage to say NO to his kinsmen

whenever they make inflammatory

statements against other Nigerians and

put a stop to industrial scale oil theft.

We wish to see a president re-applying

himself to the security and well-being

of all Nigerians. For one cannot agree

further with Harvey Mackey who

posited that …..”A good leader

understands that anything that has

been done in a particular way for a

given amount of time is being done

wrongly. Every single performance can

be improved”

AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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