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Nigerian Army denies report on Boko Haram attack

The attention of the Nigerian Army was drawn to a fallacious and concocted report by on Sunday, 16 June 2019 which claimed that Boko Haram terrorists launched an attack on soldiers at a military base in Damasak, Borno State at about 7 PM on Saturday, 15 June 2019. This report is completely false in its entirety as no such attack or attempted attack by Boko Haram on Damasak ever occurred in recent times.

The publication further claimed to have authoritatively detailed plans on the said attack which intelligence they purported received from a top military source. This false report has brught to fore the despicable role of some media and social media outlets who appear to be advancing the terrorists false narrative and propaganda to deceive the unwary. This penchant for mischief has been consistently observed on some media outlets, especially It should also be pointed out that Boko Haram tell such lies as part of their propaganda activities and the general public is well advised to take such reports with a pinch of salt.

The general public is therefore urged to discountenance the false propaganda which has no basis on reality as the Nigerian Army continues to deal decisively with the remnants of the terrorists and clearing them from their remaining hideouts.

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